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[Main] Curb Stomp

I don’t know, man. If they can’t even make the curbstomp look brutal then how can I expect them to fix anything else?

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No! They screwed up the animation for the curbstomp. They need to be flipped over so they can see my boot before it crushes their skull.

wow… come on… FACEPALM

I can’t really answer that. But I’m not expecting meaningful changes soon, be it Versus(besides apparently Flashbang changes) or Horde, or bug fixes for Campaign issues for which there still doesn’t appear to have been an official statement on whether they know about them and/or care to fix them. Personally haven’t run into anything major or game breaking yet. But I’ll wait to see what the future holds… not that I’m expecting it to be very bright, given the current direction and lack of information/feedback from TC. At least on this forum. Not giving Octus slack(too much) by the way, since he appears to just be a messenger(to me). For all we know he could be reading stuff like this right now but not leave any responses. I’m not usually one to throw ‘conspiracy theories’ or random ideas around but it could just be some higher up told him to focus his attention on other social media platforms rather than the actual official forums. But it doesn’t mean I’m particularly pleased with the current situation either.

There are two people that actually like this curb stomp on another thread. They must be noobs.

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Did I mention yet it looks absolutely poorly animated? Unless it’s a result of the GIF, Kait’s foot barely even scrapes the head of that Imago. Nor does it look like the foot comes down hard enough to completely reduce a head to skull fragments and brain paste/bits.

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I just can’t fathom how they somehow made the curbstomp look soft. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!


It’s not even a curb stomp. It’s like…I can’t even compare it to anything.

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Sure, call me a noob if that makes your day…

All I see on this forum are a bunch of crybabies who’s life goal seems to be whining about everything TC seems to be doing wrong, and how previous Gears games are SO much better then Gears 5…

Seriously, why do people like you even keep posting on here? All you’re doing is being negative about everything Gears 5 releated… Sure, the game has issues. But it’s not unplayable, and I’m having fun playing if I say so myself!

They need to attract new players to make money, and keep the player base active you know? If you’re one of those “06 OG Day 1 Gears Don’t make any changes to my Gears Vet” why don’t you go play Gears 1, if it’s so much better?

So sick of all these toxic, whinny crybabies on here who’re butthurt because they’re favorite character isn’t in the game. (yet) These games should be called: “Skins Of War” Because that’s all people seem to care about…

And back on-topic: The old curb stomp looked fake due to the player kicking and turning the body over, using a single leg to turn it over before stomping… The new one doesn’t, plus taunts a bit before executing.

But whatever, I’m quite done with this forum anyway… :relieved:

You need to stop complaining so much here man. Your post was one big complaint. Why are you so toxic on these forums too?

The new curb stomp looks like the uncoordinated kid on the playground struggling to pop the kickball.

That is NOT the curb stomp. Why are they DETERMINED to ■■■■ up this game at every turn? I just don’t understand them. It’s like they don’t want people to hand them more money. Smh :man_facepalming:t6::man_facepalming:t6::man_facepalming:t6:

Ikr? I’ve been buying $15 worth of Iron every week. Might bring it down to $10 now after this mess. Smh

Should bring it down to ZERO


Nah, dude. I need to support TC. How else can they put food on the table? They’re hard working devs who only deserve the best.

I just watched that curb stomp.

Gears 5 gets weaker by the day.


Locust Grub: “Sooo Weeeak”

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How could they whiff so badly on this? It was so easy just add in the same curb stomp we’ve had since 08. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone say the curb stomp should be changed. Man, I wish I could be in meetings where they discuss stuff like this. Just so i could get an idea of the thought process that goes on there.


I actually don’t mind this curb stomp. It’s sorta a throwback to the Gears 1 stomp which just stomped on the head without spinning the victim on their back. My only problem with it is that it looks like it’s too slow. Wish they would speed it up a bit. Otherwise I’m fine with it.