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[Main] Curb Stomp

Yes I agree it would be nice if they brought this back, it’s part of Gears

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Not to sound like a pc dösh but they may be trying to move away from it because of the taboo surrounding the execution

Oh wow, I actually pictured that when I was typing that and to be honest that probably will happen.

The only taboo of that move specifically that I can think of is American History X, which came out years before Gears. I mean yeah it’s a pretty significant example but this feels like a weird time to make a statement. Is there other connotation to curb stomping? I quite honestly don’t know.

Good news, Curb Stomp is back.

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Just seen the animation for the curb stomp and why does the coalition insist on butchering everything?


Eh… doesn’t look that good. Not to me, anyway.


Yeah, it’s not original.

I didn’t really have an issue that it’s not the “original”… it just doesn’t look very good and way too slow at that.

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Um, please take away the exclamation mark. It’s nothing to be excited about. It looks horrendously pathetic.

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Just read it. Looks better now imo.

Your wish is my command :+1:
I agree too, it’s not the same

Wait what?

Looks good. Glad to see they’ve updated it or this forum would have been whining about re-used content.
Now people can whine about it not being the same instead.

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Curbstomp, aka, the gentle head massage.

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Looks awful.

This game is doomed ya’ll lmao

This is just pathetic


I don’t think a mere animation is actually going to doom this game.

But it doesn’t look great, I’ll give you that. Too slow, I feel.