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[Main] Curb Stomp

Why the **** was this staple finishing move of the franchise taken out the game?



Also see Locust Arm rip/execution*. That was (is) awesome


I have seen enemies using it on players but we can’t use it. I think we all know it will be added into the next Tour of Duty or made purchasable.

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Be prepared to spend some Iron on the two executions if they bring them back.


It’s really strange that the curb stomp execution isn’t in the game at launch. It’s obviously in the game to some extent because the A.I. opponents can use it, just not the players. I’m sure they’ll add it back in, probably in the next tour of duty.




They’ll probably bring it back to purchase through the store. TC is greedy like that


I’m sure it will be for sale at some point.

I’m kind of surprised the campaign didn’t have pay-walls in the Choose Your Own Tomb Raider Adventure sections or toward the end you get a prompt: Choice #1 for $9.99 or Choice #2 for $19.99

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I dunno about the arm rip but if TC trys to charge for the curb stomp then


I don’t doubt they will to be honest. I’d be surprised if they add it to the TOD though.

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If it comes back as the all purpose Tap Y execution that we know and love, then I will gladly buy it.

If it returns as just another execution to apply to weapons, then I will likely not bother.

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it’s in the game but only bots can Curb Stomp

Well it won’t be coming back in that manner because then you couldn’t use it in arcade as Tap Y is weapon selection. It will probably be an umbrella execution available for all weapons or fill in the spot of the snub beatdown executions if (when) it pops up for players.

I couldn’t care less about arcade, but yes I realize that it will most likely return as just another weapon execution…and probably in the store.

At least it has been confirmed by Octus in dev stream that it is in fact coming at some point.

People saying things like this is what landed all of us in the current sh*tshow of modern gaming. A precedent has been set that people can be bilked for money and it’s a matter of testing the waters to see how far they can inflate the charges before people stop buying.

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People whining about microtransactions that they’re not forced to buy at any price make me laugh. If it’s too pricy for you, don’t purchase.

Companies want to make money. If a product exists that I want, especially implemented in a way that I want, I may fork over the cash IF I feel it’s worth the value.

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This community will actually combust if they finally bring back the Locust arm rip execution but it costs 500 iron. Or any amount of Iron, really.

I think they took the curb stomp out because they couldn’t find a way to map it. You could map it to Y but then in Horde/Execution people would be popping their ults all the time on accident. Can’t do tap B because the quick kick is already there.

Best solution I saw is to hold B until halfway to a full execution then release for the curb stomp.


Yeah, the gnasher scissor execution and Boltok execution that were sold at 800 iron I thought were cool, but not worth the 800, so didn’t buy. Arm rip at 800 would also not sway me. Not gonna speculate on what prices they may come up with in the future, time will tell.

They could have used a chorded button press (like LB and RB at the same time) to trigger ultimates instead of remapping Y button. In fact my current control setup requires me to do exactly that, press two buttons at once to trigger ultimates when running escape for objectives.

I think there’s many possible solutions that weren’t even conceptualized, let alone considered.


TC: Don’t worry guys, the curb stomp execution will only be 501 iron. Which means you have to buy the $10 iron pack to be able to afford it.

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Not only that but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the final piece of the next ToD

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