Main complaints/bug fixes/Insight

  • Servers… (they’re slowly getting better, but they still need improvements on connectivity, and stability. )

  • Boost ( now mostly everyone is either seeing their boost drop drastically, or not at all. and sometimes going back up to the original number. How are we compensated? )

  • Ranking ( the ranking in this game is ridiculous. so the favored team wins and the MVP on that team will actually lose rank. it happened to me several times in silver 2-3 and silver 3 - gold 1. example my team won. I’m MVP and look at the results. I lost 279 points in silver 3 and am now back down to the lower fifty percentile. ridiculous. i have to play " Perfect Games" to even rank up. so it is very tedious and slow. worst ranking system that I have ever seen, )

  • Head shot hit box with snipers (way to large of a hit box. its ridiculous sniping now takes zero skill.)

  • In squads when connecting to a match only party leader can see the lobby/map/vote sometimes and will cause the rest of your squad-mates to no be able to vote or see the next map. they will only see connecting to match… insert map name.

  • After I personally Re-up’d I cannot see what emblem or title I have in the main menu/versus/lobbies… (only time I’ve actually seen it, is when the lobby dissolves and sends my squad to a “purgatory lobby” and that usually lasts a couple to fifteen seconds at most then we reconnect to a match.)

  • Cog footsteps seem to be non-existent , however swarm are very loud and can hear across map.

  • When melee is done at the last second before a round is over you still melee continuously.

  • Lacers (sometimes my lancer will actually hit 8 shots for 60% point blank… other times it feels like it fires slightly faster with more power without getting an active reload, and when using it with a active reload it feels like it downs people within a second or two tops. what I’m trying to say is I feel as if it is too inconsistent, and over powered.)

any other main concerns please add em below. just my thoughts on the matters at hand currently.

also would really like to see my emblem…