Main and Hivebuster Co-op Campaigns are broken

Does Co-op Campaign work for anyone else? The main and Hivebuster Campaign don’t work at all. I remember them working and last played around 2020, but both don’t work now.

What would happen is the host can load into gameplay or gets a white flash, and kicked back to Campaign lobby, and the 2nd player would either have error, timed out or has a very long loading screen that takes 3+ mins and kicks them back to main menu.

Is anyone else experiencing this in co-op or just on my end? First there was control scheme switching problem where remapped buttons randomly switch around in Campaign, control sensitivity were automatically reset to normal and couldn’t be changed in Campaign, the global text chat stopped working and now Co-op Campaign doesn’t work at all. I was intending to try New Game+ and that didn’t work, neither did normal or Hivebuster.

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I played the main campaign on online co-op a couple of months ago in May of this year and it worked fine. Me and a group of friends were helping each other complete it on Insane mode, so I actually went through it 2 or 3 times. I haven’t tried Hivebusters though.

Do all 3 players definitely have the campaign installed? I remember quite a few people couldn’t load into that new tile map Atrium or something cos they had uninstalled the campaign.

Everyone had it installed so it couldn’t been that.

Sorry havent played either for months , we’ll since any achievements were tied to them.

Could and most probably is a pc issue.

Ive only every had campaign bugs at launch, og xbox. Aka peasant player👍

None of us were on PC.

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Coop partner here, pitching in. Many workarounds including console and router restarts were attempted and none solved anything. We did not change console since playing the coop campaign(s) last time. There is absolutely no reason why this is not working now and the game does not say that the saves are invalid either, as they can still be loaded up solo with no issues.

So either TCs servers are being donkeys as usual, or TC managed to screw something up either through incompetence or lack of code knowledge, again. If this sounds a little harsh, well, I am starting to get tired of these stupid nonsensical issues that shouldn’t be issues to being with repeatedly coming up.


It’s TC, are you surprised?


I’m so glad I uninstalled it at the first opportunity.

I played Hivebusters on April or May, don’t remember. I didn’t have any problem playing splitscreen with 3 accounts.

But about online co-op, I know that is broken for months (both campaigns).