Made a spreadsheet with information about enemy health and weapon damage and other information

when i shoot the markza too fast my damage bonus doesnt kit in until the 3rd hit. but if i shoot, wait, shoot wait, then i get it.

card is broken tbh

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I think it’s just the Markza to be honest. It’s the only one I have an issue with because if I fire to fast then the game doesn’t register but if I wait for like a second or 2 between shots then it registers but everything like the Bultok, Embar and Longshot work perfectly fine.

Yeah card is completely broken. Even when I wait it doesn’t work. I have given up using it.

Note, just did the math and horde frenzy on incon has been dropped from 4.5x beginner class exp to 4x.

Ally exp is still being given out at half rate for class exp.

I got 8770 with the 10% bonus listed, divided by 1.05 and got EXACTLY 4 times the beginner value.

For other tidbits,

  • 369,100 for 1-20 for a single class
  • 7,012,900 for all classes 1-20

To get all classes 1-20 this is how many frenzy runs you would need on each difficulty (with boost, no ally exp, no exp events, no bonus daily exp factored in)

Difficulty Runs needed
Beginner 3359
Int 2680
Exp 2041
Adv 1342
Elite 1120
Ins 959
Inc 840
Master 672

Doing one Beginner Escape a day is too much for me…

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Thought I’d revive this since there have been some changes since this was first posted and many things are filled out now.

Also, there may be some people out there that haven’t seen this, and I think having more people knowing this information is a good thing.


I’ll just leave this here.


For me this is definitely a weak area of my game. I know certain things work but I don’t know the specifics like you do.

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Since this weapon damage thing is something I have never commented on, my observations regarding the Dropshot damage inconsistency is that there’s some really stupid RNG that someone put on the weapon in a kneejerk reaction to the way it was in Gears 4(and its popularity). I used it a LOT when I was doing some(a lot, actually) solo runs on The Line on Insane with the HP and damage mods disabled and there was three different damages that would show up(the numbers wouldn’t apply now so I’ll skip over mentioning them) for headshots, and either leave the Scion alive, kill it with the subsequent explosion, or immediately headshot kill it.

Said randomness persisted even with active reloads and experimenting to see if dropping the projectile from higher caused higher damage, even on the same type of Scion.

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That thing is quite inconsistent but for the damage shown, that is the thing blowing up right on them.

Torque Bow is nasty since it tends to vary a lot.

Right. Well, since my numbers were from Op 2, they probably don’t match now, but I recall there being three separate ‘rolls’ for the headshot damage(not the explosion that follows) - no damage bonuses involved. The low one being 3,000, the middle one I could never tell fully but relatively certain it was 4,500, while the top roll was 9,000. It could also have been 6,000(which would be more in line with the other two numbers) since it isn’t always easy to tell what the damage numbers show, and I never thought of using a damage daily for it.

Doesn’t exactly remove the problem and stupidity of random damage rolls in a game such as this, however.

Can’t say much about the Torque Bow, assuming you refer to explosions since headshots reliably seem to kill any base Drone in Horde, at any time, even unbuffed.

I have noticed the headshot damage being inconsistent as hell. Sometimes 3,000 like you said or as high as 9,000. Even tried to mention that the damage was inconsistent in one of the columns.

The TB bolt seems to do about 500 on impact but if you crit, you usually do 10k, which is enough to kill most of the Drones (Palace Guards, Flame Grenadiers survive usually)
But the explosion is very inconsistent. Will have to try hitting different enemy types with it and see what happens.

There’s something else I was wondering… why is it that slamming the mace does(or maybe used to, not sure if still the case now) multiple damaging hits when you’re standing right in front of an enemy while doing it? It’s not like it causes multiple shockwaves on the ground. The mega-bleed that results of this is enough to kill off a Scion in one slam, from my experience, both modes until 2x HP kicks in for Horde enemies.

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The Mace Heavy Attack is kinda weird. It basically does damage in a cone shape that starts behind your character and spreads out in front of your character. I’ve killed things directly behind me and in front of me with one heavy attack.

I have no idea why the Palace Guards one hit you with a mace even with stim. Ill go with, because they’re badass as my answer.

Probably for the same reason that they and Therons ignore stim with their Torque Bows and do higher damage with them on a Silverback tham Boomshot Scions.

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I think it’s because that have PvP AI coding. Thus, the Palace Guards and the rest of the Locust enemies can one shot you regardless. Happens with Theron’s torque bows downing you.