Made a spreadsheet with information about enemy health and weapon damage and other information

Shows damage values of the weapons in the game, how much health most enemies have (still missing one) and with the Horde enemy sets that @RelaxingKoty made. Also includes ultimate charge times (thanks to @Dr_Shwazz for this information) Finally, there is Frenzy XP information (thanks to @GhostofDelta2 for this data)


Thank You, finally we have the STAT & Function on different Weapons & Enemies in Op6. :smiley:.

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This just in we’re changing all enemy, weapon and card values to compensate for new OP7 changes to horde!


I’m surprised The Boltok Damage is massively High. I wonder if @TC_MichaelAOS allows Weapon Locker to recharge Pistols as a Weapon since I want to Try Nomad Boltok-Dizzy-Consecutive Headshot Build in Horde.

The frenzy data was accurate when I took it but may be slightly off now.

Still a decent reference point

Interesting. Thanks for all this work!

Some enemies have different damage resistance though right? I could have sworn that was the case. DeeBees for example have more compared to Swarm variants.

Oh, yeah its spreadsheet time. Love it!

I shall be saving this thread for sure.

Thanks for this and cheers especially for putting in the time to get all the info for it.

This is extremely useful to me. I don’t go anywhere without these 2 cards. Boltok goes up to 4000 a shot and with the stun card it makes it extremely easy to finish the enemy off.


Nomad has ammo capacity as a perk, so you could build up ammo quite easily, but using ammo boxes though.


Nice work. With everyone’s information a PvE strategy guide could be made lol

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Wow. This is getting to be a pretty comprehensive list of information. Credit to all parties where it is due @SNAKEYWAKEY389 @Dr_Shwazz @RelaxingKoty and @GhostofDelta2

I’m curious to see the damage that the enemies themselves deal to players per difficulty, possibly factoring in damage resistances and tap/card/perk health boosts as well. I also had no idea that players have less health per difficulty. Is that instead of or in addition to an enemy damage buff per difficulty? Pretty curious.

Nomad Boltok can be pretty fantastic with these cards. Not sure how it adds up, but at short range it often seems better than even the Markza card added into it.

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I don’t bother with the Markka card because I can’t use the Markza lol. I take Consecutive Shot everywhere. It’s in my Execution sniper build and my sniper build and honestly is works very well for me. If I was ever to suggest a card to anyone for this class it will always be this card because it’s freaking awesome. Only downside is maintaining the damage boost as the tiniest of grazes can throw you off and cause a missed shot but if you are on point then building it back should take too long.

Agreed. I don’t typically have room for it in my execution Horde build, but I almost always use it in Escape, and of course for the sniper build.

Not sure how many people know this, but Consecutive Shot increases the damage with a free stack on the very first shot. So it only takes five shots at level 6 to reach max stacks. In Escape it allows Nomad to always 2-shot normal Scions with the Longshot regardless, which is a huge advantage by itself, not to mention the Boltok Stun combo. Very versatile card.

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I don’t understand how this card works, it means you lose the stacks if you miss a shot but the damage boost has unlimited time before expiring?
Or it’s really consecutive shots that as long as you get a critical hit before a short time it increases damage?

You crazy son of a b***h, you did it

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From what I understand in my experience, the card works like this:

Increases damage by the card percentage per each additional headshot hit, no matter how long it takes, until you miss a headshot. There is no requirement to get those headshots within a certain time limit, nor does the damage wear off usually (unless you miss). So yes, the damage boost timer is otherwise unlimited. It can be easily kept going and saved if you have good aim.

Doesn’t happen to me much, but unfortunately there is some sort of bug where the stacks will randomly reset even if hitting back-to-back headshots in a short amount of time.

Needs fire rate info on the non-single-shot weapons to calculate and compare DPS. Otherwise a very nice resource.

PS: If I am reading the numbers right, an active Longshot headshot does almost as much damage as an entire active Lancer magazine scoring 100% headshots. That is obscene given the lancer suffers from damage fall off and obnoxious bullet spread. Hopefully they get the PvE weapon balance better in Gears 6.

Might add that at a later point. I already know a handful of the weapon’s fire rate so I can add those right away.

Great info, but I find some of those entries implausible…

But, as mentioned, it’s all changing now ANYWAY, so who TF knows what it will be in 4 weeks…