Mad at the fact I cant play dum

I spend all day at work looking for to come home to play my favorite video game and relax and play with my friends I currently have it on the PC and for some reason I was kicked without even giving reason and was banned for 3 hours I paid a $100 for this game and play it almost every day and this kind of thing still happens how you’re going to treat your fans like this the hardcore gears fans this is bull ■■■■ only game I play and I get banned for. NO ■■■■■■■ REASON great thanks for the ■■■■■■■ loyalty we are a small community and you cant get it right PLEASE FIX THHIS I DONT WAN A COME HOME AND HAVE TO GUESS IF I CAN PLAY


Right now everything is RNG in Gears, if you don’t have server problems you have matchmaking problems and if you have neither then the game kicks you from the match and you get suspended and can’t even play social or horde.

Should you decide to play horde its either troll infested or newbies without a clue of how to play.

But then again your RNG could be awesome and you can actually play the game and have fun.

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If OP keeping playing ranked despite knowing that he gets kicked out then why is he is still continually playing ranked, while I agree there are bad issues with the game it is also his fault for keep on trying. He shoud just stick to social.

thats some pure s a l t

It is fine by me if you support the developer no matter what but right now this is borderline absurd: how can he be at fault for keep on trying to play a ranked match? should it be his connection the one at fault I would understand but take a look at the forums: dozens upon dozens of error messages, connection issues, servers not responding and so forth.

Who’s at fault? us players for trying to play the game which the developer has said its fine? or MAYBE there is actually a problem on the developers end which they can’t even acknowledge? (much less fix).

"Our live team is short handed and most resources are spent on Gears 5" This is perfectly understandable but at least be honest: if there is no hope for fixing the server issues (I’m not even talking about ranking or matchmaking) then pull the plug and let Gears 4 die in a dignified manner because this is starting to become pathetic.

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