Macs new skin is really bad

Why the stupid Jersey why the terrible terrible flat cap and flat hair sticking out. I wouldn’t use this skin if it was free so how people can pay money for it I’m flabbergasted. It’s really lazy and poor. I thought lahni at least looked a bit better. I can see I’m going to save money if this is the direction the character skins are going. Are we going to get bumblbee characters like judgement next???


At least it’s a story related costume relating to his character. How you can say this costume and bumblebee from Judgment are in the same league of quality is beyond me.


It’s from the hive buster comics and the lore of it so that’s why and I think it is pretty sick


Did the comics say what mac delivered as a delivery driver?

I would actually rock this skin but I’ll be damned if I’m paying 10 dollars


I feel this. This makes Mac look like an improvement in my eyes. I can’t stand his default skin but I’m just gonna hold out and see if they adjust prices in the future. It reminds me of Merchant Navy Dizzy.


Dizzy had a similar skin in gears 4 and a lot of people used it. I guess TC thought this was appealing too.

Sooo uh… anyway to obtain him without buying him at the current moment? :sweat_smile:

Have they said when the rest of the comics are coming outl?

They said October is the next one

they also said the last issue was supposed to come out in Aug

Classic Shino…I bet it was Pizza



10 dollars. WTH?


Once we get Sam and Myrrah that will do me :+1:

i liked it and bought it. To each their own.

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Classic Tony

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Kraft macaroni and cheese?


I thought the new Mac skin was for a Submission Meat Shield character like GOW 2. Remember Chaps, Franklin, and Hanley in that game mode.