Mac's damage in horde

So i play tested mac with the venom card on at lvl 6 and its the same damge with the card equipped and not equipped i also put points in to the perk damge and the damge is not showing modified am i doing something wrong

Yes… Adrenaline Junkie does not provide a damage boost in Horde due to there being no venom presence. TC have created perks to recreate those skills in Horde that the Hivebuster(Lahni, Mac, Keegan) characters now have in Horde.

Just make sure you don’t join a lobby with an engineer obsessed with power control or who’s a wannabe dictator and does not allow perk usage, even if you’ve got tons of spare power, as them.

Its showing 65% damage when equipped in horde and maxed showing 115% but the damge is unmodified of the 65%

That’s what I am saying. His venom skills do not work in Horde. It is pointless to put them on there and why TC have changed the perks of Mac, Keegan and Lahni in Op 4.

Unfortunately the venom card doesn’t work for him in horde pal.