Macros on PC dosn't work in gears of war 4?

Hello everyone, I have the question of whether gears of war 4 is allowed to use macros on PC or if these are disabled?
And in case it was the first option, does anyone know how to put them to work?
in my case I use a logitech mause.
Thank you very much for your time.

You can obviously use macros. But please don’t. Many people consider it a form of cheating (myself included).

Actually, I tried to activate it in the game but I did not recnoce the sequence of keys, although in the logitech software display it mentions that yes, that is why I thought that the option was disabled.
is true can be used in a malicious way, but unfortunately in PC it is more uncomfortable to play with the keyboard than with the original control of xbox, and this was an option not to suffer so much with ergonomics.
I will continue investigating.

Well I have a Logitech mouse+keyboard and I have used the software to make a macro. It presses the space key every 10 milliseconds within the software. I have used it to stop the bleeding in horde and it works just fine.

What exactly are you trying to do?