Mace melee hits not registering on snatcher bug

Happened on several matches, when i use the melee button to swing it doesnt hit it, the slam works fine

Probably because it was stood on a cover with one leg. Since hitboxes in the game don’t make the slightest shred of sense, boss hitbox is moved completely out of melee reach when they stand on cover despite their model still being well within hitting distance.

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Which is why if I see a Swarmak even slightly elevated, I will not go up to it since we all know how that ends.

The Snatcher and Swarmak can’t be hit by a light attack from the Mace or a standard knife swing when one of their limbs are on a piece of cover. A heavy attack will work from the mace though. Basically, just lure them into an open spot and then hit them. They don’t need too much space but being near cover will make your life alot more difficult. I dont include the Carrier on this because, from my experience, it doesnt matter if its on a piece of cover because I can still light and heavy attack with the Mace and standard melee it.

Can definitely happen with Carriers too. Just seems less likely due to the way they move around.

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Ahh yea i think it was the cover issue, surprising they didnt fix this bug