Mace makes FFA stupid

I wasn’t really looking forward to FFA, not really my style, but I figured I’d see what it was all about anyway. It’s fine I guess but oh my god the mace makes it not fun at all, borderline unplayable. You can’t run away from someone who has it, they just close on you and super lunge. And it’s up CONSTANTLY.

Wake me up when they take it out of FFA, maybe I’ll try it again then.


I don’t think the mace should be in FFA at all.


Yep, kind of ruins the FFA experience. It pretty much gives the person who picks it up free kills. One of the oddest decisions taken by TC as of yet…


Didn’t really bother me in the 2 matches I played, it is slow to use so people who had it would not last long with it they would get overwhelmed quick. I died maybe twice from it but I messed up my approach too. Maybe play a few more matches and try different tactics.

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Press B and you lunge at people from a decent distance, netting you a free kill. Not sure against whom you’ve been playing, but people that pick it up, including myself, have been getting 3-5+ kills with it effortlessly in little to no time before it breaks.


Right, it’s the lunge that’s the problem

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That and the “shield”, or whatever you want to call it. The weapon just gives too much of an advantage to a single player. At least with the other power weapons, it takes a bit of skill to use. With the mace, you just run around pressing B for free kills.


Everyone who picked it up in my previous games must’ve been braindead then lmfao. They pick it up and then everyone pulls out the Lancer to put them down lol.

Fortunately it’s easy to see, and in most cases, the wielder themselves is an easy kill if you handle them right. UNLESS you try to go balls to the wall and rush them with Gnasher because you forgot lmfao. Don’t do that. Don’t be me.


Yes it does.
Doesn’t help that being stuck with one map means it’s in every game.

It’s the extra health that gets me. I can dodge it a bit, but that health boost usually means if their close, I’m dead.
The respawn time on the power weapons being so low doesn’t help either.


Imo there shouldnt be any power weapons.


Try chainsawing them. It’ll easily beat out the overhead, and if you’re fast enough, they’ll lunge into your saw with their quick attack.


That’s why people are struggling, they charge at everything head first with the gnasher. Lancer or pistol the basted down from a distance. Not everything can be solved with wall bouncing and gnasher hip fire.

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Mace is the clearest example of the approach of this game: causals and noobs.


Yessss. Wake me when there’s Gnasher Only FFA map but until then I sleep.


Yeah im not into it like I thought I would be.

Feels like they nerfed it for FFA … o r I guess that universal nerf is pretty strong.

Ngl, was def trying to abuse :roll_eyes:

I miss epic games


And yet players, including the devs, are expecting this to get a ranked playlist.

If it does, it’s gonna be a cluster.


I spawned directly in front of it atleast 6 times one game.

If you’re having trouble using it in FFA use the quick melee. The map is so small and there’s so many turns and the lunge is so long you’ll kill most ppl easily.

FFA is very luck based.


The mace is dumb in any playlist. It’s a shooter not sure why we introduced melee weapons in the first place. Cool and all for the campaign but it should not exist in verses.