Mace in FFA Must go or be nerfed

The mace definitely should be in free for all in its current state with the health boost. I’d argue no weapon should give you extra health no matter what it is.

See the clip for frustration

Anyone else not enjoying free for all atm?

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Think you do 77% up close and personal with the gnasher. On any one holding the mace. So be quick to dodge and shoot again.

Until it’s adjusted: Reverse two-piece up close, other power weapons and running away* until you can find the opportunity to counter are your best options. Getting behind them also does work if you can but I wouldn’t say it’s worth the risk (the big swing also staggers from behind unless you’re mid roll for whatever reason.)

*Hopping over cover especially from an elevated position because it makes them vulnerable for longer if they choose to chase you. There’s also the chance that they waste the swings on someone else in the process. Goes without say, it does require some degree of timing/intuition because of the lunge. Also they could potentially anticipate you running but it’s FFA and there’s very little time for most people to make that type of read on you.

I enjoy FFA itself, I’m just not enjoying all the crashing, general bugs and hit detection issues. I also think Pit is a very flawed FFA map, only because the mid-hill (incen) and snipe spawns can funnel you into a very unfavorable position to be in. Hitting sliding trick shots is cool though.

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You do yeah. Annoyingly, I just don’t think there should be any weapon that when you pick up you can’t be gibbed, unless of course it’s a defensive pickup.


The chainsaw seems to be the best option against the mace.

I think the health buff it gives you is far too high though. Should be 15% extra health max. Or better, no health buff.

Or better again, just remove the noob mace from the whole game in versus.


It will be interesting to see if they keep it in ranked mode. I personally dont think it matters in an unranked mode. Your not talking balanced matchmaking anyways.

Yeah the mace is too op
It gives you Ultra Instinct!AtIV78hX8lDljfkj1roBtboQqO2u7Q?e=uGY7bw