Mac card setups for escape

I’ve played Mac a lot, but I’ve never really strayed from the same 5 cards

Adrenaline Junkie
Venom resistance
Bloody Shot
Boltok Bandolier
Crazy Tough
I’ll also occasionally use his lethal barrier on maps with large amounts of Juvies. This card can actually clean up a swarm of them rather effectively.

I was just curious if anyone had a different setup that worked well for him. Thanks

never played The Big Mac in my life man… I just used it once due of the " DELIVERY DRIVER MAC SKIN" for a couple of minutes and that was it . lol :slight_smile:

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Ahhhh yes. I understand that. Everyone needs to experience delivery driver Mac once in their lives. Although I play Mac because I find him to very good. That and I really enjoyed his character in the hive buster comic series. Probably my favorite character TC has created if I’m being honest with you.


On Lethal Engagement, the Heads Up Modifier makes enemies take less damage from non headshots. This makes Mac’s Boltok bleed do minimal damage that it’s not worth taking.

On The Line, the Scions seem to do insta-down or too much damage that the Venom Resistance + Crazy Tough doesn’t seem to have much effect. I could choose between Adrenalin Junkie, Barrier Battery, In Your Face, Barrier Boost, Bloody Shot and Boltok Bandolier.

Some hives have slow venom like Choke and Labyrinth. Or if playing The Clock and going too fast that always outrunning the Venom, then may as well drop Adrenalin Junkie and Venom Resistance for something else like Barrier Boost and Barrier Battery.

I don’t mean to brag, but I hit close to 70% headshots with the boltok, so that’s not a big deal lol.

In regards to the line, I hate playing the map and probably won’t touch it for a long time.

I tend to keep them on for just about anything but the clock, since I know the team will be flying through the hive no problem. Other than that I just have no card diversity really.

I typically use In Your Face instead of Crazy Tough. Damage resistance is much better than health, so as long as Mac stays in venom then he’ll be alright. In Your Face is very good at creating openings for team mates - most notably melee characters like Lahni etc. Plus any weapon works, so you can just grab a Hammerburst and as long as one bullet hits the head it triggers the taunt effect.

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I typically steer away from that card and others like it because they never seem to work reliably. But maybe that’s just my experience.

I’ve never had any issue with it. From memory, I think it’s got the longest “taunt” effect out of all the taunt cards (7 seconds at level 6). I have to make an active note to count the seconds and remember which enemy I “taunted” first if I’ve got more than one enemy on the go.

Alternatively, I drop the Boltok Bandolier card. If Keegan is in the team then he can hopefully drop regular Ammo Resupplies, and depending on the Hive you could have plenty of ammo boxes anyway. Sometimes the extra ammo is very useful at the start as you may have lots of enemies and not much ammo available. It depends on the Hive of course.

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Bandolier is sort of a crutch for me. I typically run it to clear out enemies early on so teammates can get their weapons. Then it becomes sort of useless honestly. But great for the first couple of encounters.

I would take Dodge there. It may not prevent downs from Snipers or Elite Snipers but it allows Mac to take 3+ Hunter shots while in venom, which is nice to have, and since you don’t really get use out of Bloody Shot…

The other alternative would be the headshot taunt skill for the Stump that will appear in act 2. But as usual Fahz kind of renders Mac a little redundant on the hive.

Mac is good but I wish they made him a bit more muscular. He looks like a woman’s design :rofl: what’s really funny is he’s crazy tough card and the man looks like a twig lol and him doing the do you even lift bro emote. Honestly no hate yo Mac I use him a lot in pvp but he just need to be a bit more buff like the rest of the roster