Mac can be viable in horde now (with Jack)

Went into a private horde lobby with a friend, and just like the grenade glitch, jack can put Mac’s Boltok on the locker, so you can get Mac a locker of boltoks! I don’t have picture proof or anything, but I wouldn’t lie to you. It works. And it’s awesome!


I don’t use him, but that’s nice to know for everybody who does. Congrats for the discovery, buddy!


The boltok is just a backup weapon. Mac’s main game is Tri-Shots. Once you have damage and crit damage maxed, his tri shot is essentially dealing double damage.

Also he can sit and tri shot much more freely than other characters with health card and damage resistance perk, and when his shield is up you can just walk up and tri shot anything close range.


I don’t enjoy being a Tri-shot warrior, so I’ve always wanted to be able to put his Boltok on a locker. My buddy was using him and he wrecked a sentinel with the Boltok. I think it’s makes him more viable, even if only a little. And some won’t give a ■■■■ about it but I love being able to do this.

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I imagine this whole thing is a bug/exploit so I wouldn’t get into the habit of doing it this way, lest they patch it.

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I certainly hope they don’t. It makes Mac viable, although it does require a Jack you can communicate with.

We also noticed that the boltok will reload fully in about 5 seconds. No kidding. On the locker for 5 ish seconds, it’s full.

How do you drop boltok

If you mean buying a repair tool to drop it so jack can play musical weapons on the locker, I wouldn’t call that viable


Afaik TC already confirmed that they’re gonna fix it.


Because it’d be so bad to actually let us put pistols on lockers in Horde instead of them being a waste of a weapon slot or practically useless in 99% of scenarios for most or all characters. What are they afraid of, people walking around weaponless which affects nobody?

Pistols on lockers would not be game breaking whatsoever when we can store GLs and the like for infinite ammo with a fixed purchase/upgrade cost.


That’s a damn shame. It’s so much fun playing Mac this way.

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That’s a different story but the one-handed-thing works with Heavy weapons as well so I would prefer if they would fix it. Iirc Gears 4 had the option to buy pistols at the fab, not sure why 5 got rid of it.
And now that you can actually benefit from it they might just fix it before OP5.

It’s a level 2 locker and repair tools. Something like 20k power. We’ve completed two frenzy’s now with no energy problems at all doing this. I find it viable.

Geez if TC “fixes” this it will be so dumb. There are sooo many other things that need to be addressed. Real issues. What issues would this create? Mac having 4 boltoks in a locker? How is that different then any character filling up a locker with 4 salvos, or 4 mulchers, or whatever. It’s mind boggling.

As long as they don’t fix the servers randomly booting me while the match is trying to start. If another title from TC launched and they weren’t procrastinating game wrecking bug fixes to do nerfs then it’d be harder to explain to my kids and friends why they shouldn’t get their hopes up.

Just further info for anyone wondering: TC said the fabricator has a certain number of “slots” for items. When they made all of the items available for every character last Op, there wasn’t enough space for pistols. They will be added to the fab in Op5.