Maaaan i just love to rub in some Salt

I’ve witnessed you insulting people’s dead family members


This thread is wild :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Lol this has tickled me and fair play to you!!! I had someone message me 12 times in a row last night after they lost a koth… he insisted “he didn’t care he lost” but kept blabbering on something about my play style? Anyway, it’s a great game but why is gears so so toxic? I think I’ll be heading onto a new game soon if it continues, it’s like the better you play, you more hate you get:-/.

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360 days were WAY more respectful. Sure some game lobbies were infamous for their toxicity (looking at you CoD) but Gears, for the most part, was a place where talk only got you so far. Skill was king and the way you play was all people cared about.

Today’s cadre of Gears are so toxic, so lacking self-awareness it’s untrue. I’m too okd to be a banter bro, but these players and their “EZ”, “Yo Trash”, “■■■■ bro” attitudes are the worst I’ve ever seen and that’s coming off of every Gears game!

I’m glad you agree but respectful is definitely not the word I would use to describe those days. It’s not even close. Any times of respect from those days are very, very minuscule.

Modern Warfare 2 was easily the worst, but Gears certainly wasn’t much different. There was around an equal amount of good players who kept quiet and those who spoke. I myself was very vocal despite, at the risk of tooting my own horn, commonly being MVP. Toot toot. I much rather preferred sarcasm, condescending and mentally degrading banter in place of pure unfiltered profanity. Though the latter could arise dependant on alcoholic consumption.
Anyhoo, with that said I do agree with your point of a player’s skill doing the talking. There’s nothing more embarrassing than a vocal player who is getting their derrière handed to them on a platter.

This I agree with. Their kind had always existed but they’ve definitely grown, like bacteria. Personally I cannot describe just how embarrassed and disgusted I am for any person who uses the sort of banter you mentioned, along with Mother jokes. It’s cringeworthy and weak, and has very little to no effect on those with more than one brain cell.