M&K with Controller's still

Well, after playing the tech test and the full game a while now, why is M&K players still allowed to play with Controller players?

Its heavily unfair and makes it difficult to enjoy, can’t they do what the new Modern Warfare is doing by allowing you to chose to play with M&K players as well as PC players, it would make it a better playing field then.

Please, allow us controller users chose if we want to play with M&K players, make it a fair playing field!

TC has confirmed that they don’t have the population to support this.

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I wish people would get over this already.

I’ve been absolutely abused by controller players. Out maneuvering me due to their better input method for moment.

And I’ve smashed some of them too.
The movement advantages on controller balance things out.

Plus, people can use mouse/kb on Xbox now too. So all these posts moaning about PC players is laughable, as there is no option to not play against Xbox players who using kb/mouse.

If only these threads could be locked. We’ve had a ton of them already. It’s getting boring now

It not against PC player am complaining, MK players VS controller players on Xbox, you can still use M&K on Ranked on Xbox so the filter to turn off cross play is useless, they should at least give you the option to play ranked with just controller using players. And yes I have tested it, I had 2 people join me on Xbox with M&K plugged in and they still able to join me, Epic need to give more options to players to make it more even for everyone.

Anyone using M&K on Xbox for ranked will have an advantage, and not for movement, mainly shooting, a mouse will always have more control over recoil and be quicker and better at aiming than a controller any day.