Lvl 100 Re-Up Gears 5

GoW Team,

Great job guys, been thoroughly enjoying this game since launch. You can tell y’all put your heart and soul into it. As for the lag/server/queue/etc issues many have experienced—that’s to be expected with a new game of this scale and wasn’t that big of a deal. Obviously it’s being fixed in an expedited manner so thank you for that. The only issue I have is that when I re-upped yesterday there was no new Lvl Icon, just a plain Jane lvl 1 badge. Kinda disappointing, makes it hard to talk smack to your friends :joy:. Anyways, I was wondering if y’all were going to fix this and add re-up icons like y’all have had in the previous gears. It would be much appreciated! Otherwise, I don’t really see a reason to play to re-up :pensive:.

Thank you for your time,
-Ingenious Pain
Xbox One X