Lurker Bleed card BUG

Level 5 cards say 100% bleed, but bleed damage is only 70%

After carrying a Level 5 Nash shotgun card (Damage +25%, Active +25%)

Bleed damage is only 62%

Shotgun damage is 3000 for long duration, 3750 for active reload

100% bleed cards should bleed 3000, but only 2100

After active loading, shotgun damage is 3750, but bleeding damage is only 2625

With 25% shotgun card, shotgun damage changes to 3000x1.25 =3750, active reload 3750x1.25x1.25 =5859.375

100% bleed cards should bleed 5859.375, but only 3671

Bleed damage reduced from 2100 to 209 if you carry both bleed and Bleed Shotgun damage bonus cards

You can see bleed damage reduced from 2100 to 209

And it doesn’t match the 10x damage from a stealth ballistic weapon shot

While invisible, use the shotgun to deal 48046 damage. Bleed 367 times for 5 consecutive times


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To the above question, I guess some people may answer it.

There is a bleed damage miscalculation bug (that’ll never be fixed) with the Infiltrator where sometimes if you have shots that don’t have 100% pellet hit rate, you will get super weak bleed. It happens pretty often. So that’s probably what this is.

Also any additional base damage you would do from perks or skill cards would not increase the bleed damage. As that number is based off of the base damage of the Gnasher shots before any increases from cards or perks.

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The Bleed is too low in general as OP proved. and there’s this Bug that you just mentioned, and some others.

Nothing new to me. But thank god they fixed the passive working for multiple shot’s sarcasm


Bloodresonance does,Shotgun Perk does, Gnasher Card does active reload does.

The most interesting part about Bloodresonance is it increases the Bleed of the first Shot not the +160% Shot i guess that might be intended for better Balance. 210% Shotgun Damage would mean over 9000 Bleeding Damage.

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100% Sure that’s intended. come on +50000 Bleeding? that would be crazy Busted :joy:

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And people want Blade Dancer and Brawler to increase bleed. People aren’t ready for that much power.

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I was gonna comment something about Demos, but considering how they behave and are treated, I’m inclined to agree. That kind of power shouldn’t be in the hands of most people.

(No, I’m not getting philosophical about the effects of power on the human mind.)


It would be a dark day if Blademaster privilege became a all fairness though, the melee classes take the most skill and awareness so, naturally, it won’t ever get to that point lol

Actually yeah you may be right. I remember testing the numbers but I couldn’t remember. Some classes the bleed doesn’t change regardless of perks or cards I.e. Blademaster.

Afaik any type of Bleed gets increased by Damage Perks (Not Crit-Damage)

Sniper Rilfe Perk on Nomad

Assault Rifle on Demo/Tact

Damage on Gunner’s Torque-bow-bleeds

Using Gnasher or Claw Card on BM does (again if you hold does weapons during melee)

Gnasher Mod on Protector increased Meele-bleed if you hold a gnasher during melee.

Hell i’m sure even the Shotgun Perk on the Protector does , aslong as you’re holding a Shotgun in your hands.

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