Lt Chutani who is this?

Who is this,why offer him ,before offering char skins people really want and they might even spend real money on,this is the kind of skin you offer when your scrapping the bottom of the barrel for a skin to sell.

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I agree it is not the best skin nor the best timing. The only good thing about it is the improved pricing.


Maybe this is why it’s cheap,because knowone would pay much for it.

I’m about to drop big bucks on bald fhaz


Yeah lol it’s fahz-They must be holding back the original characters like delta squad myrrah locust etc. They want to wait until there’s nobody left playing before they release the good stuff…


Half the characters in the game are â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  bald.


Well the look does fit fhaz perfectly,he is a big d’head with the way he tends to acts.

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It’s Fahz shortly after joining the COG military, presumably. Judging by the Lieutenant JD and Del skins*(bad habit of typing skills getting to me) in Gears 4 where JD also had a bald head but hidden under a beret(and it is the model used for Gilded JD in both 4 and 5). Don’t remember for Del.

LOL. Hope not. Because that’s actually a decent price if they stick with it.


Del’s was Epic. He had the Hat and the Baird like Glasses on. Wish they would port that one over.



I wasn’t into Del or JD much in 4. So as a result of that didn’t care for their skins. Never even looked at the Lieutenant Del model.

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Ah no worries,

Maybe if the movie ever comes out we have something like the below?


Damn, I don’t even remember seeing that.

Its still there in 4. If I ever play Del, thats what I rock :slight_smile:

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Can’t really say I find this looking great. Not seeing any resemblance to neither Cole, Marcus nor Baird in there.

I am actually glad to hear this. If you ever search GOW movie casts in Google. This one has a lot of love for

He looks like a freshly shaved testicle

Gears movie stuff isn’t really my biggest interest, in all honesty. Haven’t been paying attention to what’s going on around it. Most of my interest has been directed at comics, books and the games as story content goes.

Right on,

Im late getting into the comic’s. What would be your best comic to start with? or do they have a breakdown somewhere so I could check this out?

I’m not really the person to ask for where to start on this subject. I’d direct you to @Wisdom_Thumbs or @anon17697949 both of whom are more knowledgeable about the overall Gears lore than me, but I don’t really know if either still frequents these forums. Don’t really blame them if they don’t, they both seem more story oriented persons, which hasn’t been a trending discussion topic on these forums for a while now, over near endless negativity about online mode problems.