Lower Ping Acceptance from 250ms to 100ms

the suggestion of blocking anything over 50 ping is also ridiculous. not everyone lives in a cramped apartment next door to a server blade.

how am I supposed to play with my friend from Huston when I live in Vancouver? my average ping is around 60 when I play in his lobby. (probably the Dallas server)

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I can hit 55ms from the UK to East US and I ain’t in no cramped apartment :eyes:


To me it’s not about high ping…its about the ones that fluctuate
Those are the ones that ruin matches

You can tell immediately when you’re at a disadvantage due to the delay and when you got a bendy, warpy connection doing the impossible for sure!

maybe TC needs to take measures with these wild fluctuations people are seeing. have their re-spawns halted until it subsides and if doesn’t remove them from the game.

this might encourage the player to fix the issue on their end. outright blocking a player isn’t the answer when player population has been an issue in the past.

Don’t like the argument that high ping doesn’t affect matches. Certainly does. Fluctuations affect it more. Playing with a solid high ping pretty much sucks for that player. Playing with a fluctuating ping makes a player a god.

High pings can sometimes make a match feel sluggish. Period.

Fluctuations make matches virtually unfair.

I’ve played on all connection types.


This is true.

The sand effect of a high ping lobby.

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Fk no. Keep those mexicans in my lobbies so I can find ranked games before 2021

Allow players to put in a ping tolerance they find acceptable. I would set it at 50ms and find a lobby with all players below that ping. I settle around 28-40ms most of the time, and frequently see players in the 20s and 30s in Gears4. I’d gladly take longer wait times for better player stability. I don’t need anyone with ping over 100ms and fluctuating by 50ms or more.


EU lobbies with a healthy population are generally all under 30-40ms.

I used to get whole lobbies with max of 25-30 quite consistently and above that was rare!

Just move Mexico close to the UK and let them all jaja onto EU servers :+1:

Because finding matches is always my priority,

I can complain later and while I play the game afterwards.


I would guess that it takes less bandwidth to play Gears than it does to stream a 1080p youtube vid, fluctuation and packet loss are the culprits.

I live in Houston and play with a guy in Hamilton, ON from time to time. My ping is stable in the 19-32ms range (depending on which one of us is hosting the party) We are both in houses but occasionally his connection spikes into the 300s because he has 5 people playing xbox at an given moment in his house.

I’m in Vegas and play with Mexican players pinging at 200ms or more. Usually 200ms is the ping where I can feel their advantage anything below seems to be fine. As long as I que up quick IDGAF.

played a game last night where someone on the other team ping was 680ms wtf

Playing from the moon?

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It was the Gorgatron and as a Moon Master, along with @ll_R_E_D_l, we’re headed there to take him down!

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Google says the transmission delay from the moon is 1.25 seconds, so he’d be somewhere in between here and the moon.

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I agree with this.

hmm. I didn’t realize that country immediately south of the united states had up and moved to the moon.

I did learn something new last night while playing with a friend of mine who was using his brother’s account instead of his own:

Around midnight central last night, we were mid game on Checkout when his ping shot from 32ms to being pegged at 1100ms. No logical reason why at first until we found out that his brother had turned his xbox at his own house which auto-logged him in. Since an account can’t be signed in on 2 devices at once, after a couple minutes of more laggy than usual gameplay he just went blip and we were now a man short. We were already technically a man short during that lag time because he was running around without a gun in his hand. (we all swap accounts around to help each other with achievements from time to time)