Lower Ping Acceptance from 250ms to 100ms

Easy to implement, save a lot of headache down the road.

If you don’t pass a ping test on start up, you are put into a p2p matchmaking pool, instead of the servers.

Nothing over a 100ms ping. (I would prefer 75ms or lower)

Would save a lot of broken controllers, quits, sponging, lag etc.

When you go to log on to MP, as it loads your stats, it runs a background test.

You still join matchmaking, however you are added to a P2P pool instead,

This just makes it fair to people who have modern day internet speeds/quality to play w each other, and still allows those with not so good wifi connections to still play as well.

A ranked playlist should not have match outcomes determined by ping spikes and slower connections.


But what happens when I wanna play with my Aussie friends who ping at 200??? Its not the high pings that cause all the problems.


I honestly think it is a great idea but I don’t know if devs can implement this kind of matchmaking system

But he has a stable connection. Its the fluctuating connections that cause all the problems

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High pings are a huge problem, as are constantly fluctuating pings.

If you connection isn’t stable or decent enough for smooth online play, you shouldn’t be playing online.

Join in with them on their p2p matchmaking pool.

But they shouldn’t be allowed to join a ranked match with that kind of high ping.

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I think fluctuations are the biggest problem but high ping players are a big issue too, as their position on your screen is not representative of where they are on the server side.
But I may be wrong …

Stable doesn’t mean anything when the difference is huge from 25ms to 200ms.

That a LOT of time for sponge, shot negating, cover shots, anything.

Plus servers are automatically chosen, so if your friend is playing on a server you invited him to from your party, you should be playing on his, where the high pings tend to migrate too

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The problem is the netcode. If someone has a 25ms ping then they should have the advantage against someone with a 200ms ping. But this doesnt happen with Gears 4


I agree but I really doubt TC has stepped back on this unfortunately …

I’d lower it to 50 if I could. Ping filters are a very useful tool even if it means waiting a little longer to have a better experience.

It’s true, ping isn’t everything, but it’s certainly an indication of other things happening in the background such as dropped packets. Also, the kill window needs to be shortened if we are gonna let high ping players run amok again.

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Oh come on,

250ms is low enough and you want to drive it down even more?!?


Cannot make out the sarcasm in your reply :wink:

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Game is like perfection when the lobby hits 1,100ms.

Unlike no other.

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I play with @GhostofDelta2 and his 160ms ping and the lobby doesn’t break down. This is because his ping is stable. Your issue is with high fluctuations which is a valid complaint. But no one with a stable high ping gains any advantage or creates more lag. The issue is so many high pings have inconsistent connections too. That’s why you feel this way.


This ^^ can’t screw everyone because of shotty connections. For me it’s usually the Mexico servers. I see 200ping plus knowing they may have a crap connection I already know I’m in for some fun. As much as it’s annoying I want to play with friends all over.

Not gonna happen, as you clearly don’t realize the consequences of what could potentially happen. At this point the game will be back to ‘host advantage’ as well as people being able to get the IP of the host, and if you’re the host you’d be able to get the IP of every other player.

Should I be relegated to playing what is fundamentally a weaker version of the game just because Comcast decides to throttle everything I do while doing this ‘background test’? What if your ISP does it to you?

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you can’t do this

it’s a XBL requirement that you pass a bandwidth/speed requirement. if the player can connect to XBL then they can play any game on that platform. no studio can go around this and block people.

minimum requirements seem to be 256 Kbps Download / 64Kbps upload


These required are simply outdated.

They are the same requirements needed from when halo 2 had online on the OG Xbox .

Times change. Tech changes.

speeds in the Kb/s range are fine for MP games . they don’t use much bandwidth at all. you might call them outdated bu t it’s all that’s required.

you ever look at how much data your using playing online games? it’s minuscule.

if you want things to change petition MS to build a n Azure server facility in Mexico City.


^^^^This right here ^^^ it’s what I keep saying