Lower level Stack in Ranked


I was wonder what the impact would be if a all bronze or silver or a mix of those two ranks would have in KOTH ranked?

Do you think its more likely or less likely getting a fair match?

Do you think they would slot you to a high ranked or mix high ranked team?

yes i am still playing and found some fun freinds to play with, but they are all O1 to D3, so yes i get my blanled handed to me. Even If if i have good eliminations and caps i walk away with no ranlked movement.

I do my part and we win a lot but they move up and i get like zero points or break even. i have even had more eliminations and more caps but finish at the bottom. i assume thats cause i have more assit than Kills and more deaths

I think one or even two higher ranking players would make short work of the team. Stacked or not.

Matchmaking in general only works about half the time, so you’ll probably get a few fair games but as this example shows, (I was solo queing) actual even teams in terms of skill would probably be few and far between.

(I am in no way saying I’m good, but any game like this is too easy)

so you think we be sheep for the slaughter…smile

nice…now i feel really bad…lol. i was just hoping not t get stuck in these high ranking games where i walk away with nothing. last night i had 2nd caps and third elimnations and still end up on the bottom.

Hopefully with the new ranking system they’ll try to place people of the same divisions together but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. It is TC we’re talking about.

Its also Gears and has a very low population. Tbh some things might change but if people expect it to work like most other games out there, they’ll be disappointed.

yes i have literlly come to terms with it and just play to play. I have noticed lately when i play with out my high ranked stack i move a bit more but then there is a game that sends me back down.

Like last night i played solo and finally got out of bronze , but when i play with my high ranked stack last 3 weeks zero movement.

the tough part is when i play with them i am maybe 20 elimiantios aways from them and they are O1 to D3, so i am holding my own just do not see the movement as they do cause i am on the bottom i guess.

I have to assume that if i have 2 diamonds, a gold and onyx and me bronze i must be doing okay as some of the kills/elminations are a higher rank. I use that to keep my sanity.

the stupid wrap around shot gets me. someone said i have to play claw or get paddles to do that. claw will never happen, so i am going to buy a new controller. easy since money is not an issue for me as trying to make my hand play claw.

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When it comes to ranks, you’re competing with your teammates for points. When you play with higher-skilled teammates, you’re losing out on points. That’s the downside of stacking.

Eliminations don’t matter to the ranking system. Kills/deaths do. Try your best to get a few more kills and die less.

You don’t need a new controller to do wrap shots. Just play Tournament.

Here’s me doing 2 wrapshots while using tournament scheme.

I actually have an Elite Controller and I did use paddles, but I’ve switched back to my regular Xbox one controller and use Tournament instead.

Beware of smurf accounts. And quitters. And idle-ers. Know what? Play ranked at your own risk

I am using calssic AlT with button re map. how are is the transition to tournament.

Actually, I should clarify. I’m using Classic-Alt remapped as Tournament.

It takes some getting used to using LB to bounce and run, but being able to have both thumbs on the sticks is worth the switch if you’re coming from playing Thumbs. You’ll get used to it pretty quick. Probably in less time than using paddles would take. Give it a try for a bit and see if it works for you. If it doesn’t, you can always buy a controller with paddles after.

thnaks i let you know will try tonight in private lobby 1st then live.

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