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Lower level players for Horde?


(hiivasieni) #1

Hey I’m looking people who wants to play all rounds in horde mode (i’m greedy guy and i want all 50waves)
I’m lvl 30+ and i have only 8lvl scout. usually cant play much so i need players ok with that.
I play sometimes at week 9pm, in weekends it might be more near 10pm (gmt+2).

(HayMaker304) #2

Do you know your role? You going to be a team player? Lol

(hiivasieni) #3

As long as i figured out at this point it goes this. And please correct If im wrong.

As scout i focus hauling with shotguns and collecting power using +extra power skills. Also revaving People with high health and melee res (this way i play scout)

Sniper is back support and gives also others chance for extra damage with marking ability.

Heavys do the big damage and try to focus on big ones.

Engireer keeps the base up and secured with better building abilities and cheaper cost.

For a soldier i guess its More like watching everyones back. Never played as soldier but what i looked up the skills i believe they could be pretty capable for More strategy fighting with grenade planting and high ammo capacity specially against small and fast enemys.

But i dont think thats the point of this topic.

(BigDaddy732) #4

I mostly play weekends but always looking for horde players that will stick it out cooperate and play it smart. Older (50s) dude on 3rd reup

(hiivasieni) #5

What time you used to play? I would be More than happy to find a group to play with if the game time fits. I’m in gmt +2 zone so if youre from us its quite huge time difference.

I have my heavy class on lvl 8 and other classes on lvl 10 now. Mostly i like to play as scout or engineer. And i think ill get my heavy to 10 also this week.

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