Low re-up in pve

I know majority of players/hosts would not allow low re-ups in their lobbies in horde/escape because 99% of times they are noobs. Also, will do anything to annoy the host, which is inevitable for them to get kicked…

However, how can you tell if the low re-up (a good player) is playing alternative account during pre-match lobby?

I’ve seen a non re-up yesterday when I was playing in Speyer on master difficulty (I wasn’t the host in that game). The non re-up was playing as protector (level 19) and he/she did everything right. Waited at wave 8 for mace, very quick picking players up, didn’t even purchase anything in fab (apart from mace in later waves) and defended the tap. Despite the fact he/she was out of comfort zone (out of the base) playing very aggressive.

Again, how can you tell if the player is playing with alternative account during the pre-match lobby (before you kick them)?

I know it’s a risk not taking because they are more likey to be noobs lol.

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Based on how they play and game sense.

I’m talking about during pre-match lobby though. Not during the game

Missed that part, my bad.
Hard to tell to be honest. If their class is high level, they could be paper levels but it isn’t guaranteed.

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Maybe scrolling through the player’s account and see if you find any familiar names in the friend list??? You know… If the player has good players in the friend list then it could turn out to be decent player.

Had a lower re-up, level 16 anchor in horde yesterday and they were better then 95% of random horde players. High re-up means absolutely nothing in this game.


I have a smurf that I join some people’s games on. The only class leveled up is Blademaster and im white rank level 100.

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Not surprised :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You really cant tell, unless they specifically mention they are on a alt account or if they “show off” a level 20 class or a higher leveled class.

No way to tell really.
From personal experience - when I play on my alternate account I get kicked out of lobbies a lot.
My re-up is non-existent and most characters are low level ( except for BM, Anchor and Gunner).

The only way to know is see how they play in the game.

Re-up means nothing and is not indicative of the skills.

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Alot of max level players need to hear this lol

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Yep. But we all know it’s futile.

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Fixed it.

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Considering ReUps can be farmed, using it to gatekeep is cringy af.


There are classes I always give them a chance, like a low level jack, medic and so on but If I asked in the title of the game for High re up Demolitions and a Pilot I will kick any noob that joined with such low level classes, I am almost re up 60 but I also use another account that is not re up 100 even but I make sure to join with a class that won’t disrupt the flow of the game and host clearly said that any class or level are welcome but of course making sure that he already has a boss stopper and an engineer in the game.

The thing is when we ask for high re-up we clearly mean: knowledgeable players with maxed cards.

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It’s funny when you said that. I played on versus the other day, am re-up 51 on my other account and I got told off by a low re-up (in my team) who said “re-up 51 cant play”

Obviously, it was pointed towards me considering I was the only one with re-up 51 because the rest of my players in my team were lower than re-up 6… And I said exactly the same thing re-up means nothing lol.

He then replied back “go back to horde.” :joy::joy::joy::joy:


A low reup low character level will not have the card levels needed to make the player effective at the diff levels we play.

It’s not just about PLAYER skill. It’s about the card levels.

A level 20 reup 3 Pilot is unlikely to have max cards…

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What if the player stayed in white rank level 100 and decided not to re-up.

Does that still mean he/she won’t have maxed cards???

Its possible but honestly it’s not as common anymore, mostly everyone re-ups now.

Lol, yeah, sure, it is hypothetically possible, haha.

But i am more likely to assume it will be the 99.9% chance of a low reup than the 0.1% change of someone who decided to stop reupping on level 3.