Low ping is a huge disadvantage

People shoot me around corners all the time. Up A’s on the other person’s screen look on my screen like they killed me before theyve even done it. Literally the position of the other player on their screen vs on my screen is different. It’s extremely noticeable and this is a huge issue imo


High Ping is not an advantage.

I’m pretty sure the wrap shot is also a technique too, not a lag thing. And it’s disliked. Unless it’s something I don’t understand, I mainly play solo PvE.

Hmm. Interesting. But there seems to be no signs of proper (readable) English anywhere.

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low ping absolutely has no disadvantage or advantage at all in this game same for high ping people like to think this is so but boy are they wrong. there is this game i have played for about 4yrs called age of wushu best pvp game i ever laid hands on but had 1 flaw true ping advantage imagine an Up A even Back A maybe a Reaction anything everything will register before you and always will lowest ping will rule all this game has none of that and if anyone wants to argue this because i know they will go download some good old age of wushu find someone on like 4 ms while you being on like 20ms or up you will never pop first hit ever if none at all so do not worry about it man its gears 5 go figure but hey its gears of war its great i love it even if it has its flaws.

Look, it’s tough to get into all the details and all, but I certainly will say that low ping isn’t some clear advantage.

There are even threads in these forums on how to make your ping higher. Yes, you read that right.

At times, I prefer playing on Wi-fi for a higher ping so as long as I’m not lagging.

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Then u are not welcome in this game, manipulation of ur connection is called CHEATING.

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really? so what’s it called when i get screwed over for having a lower ping?

all i do is disconnect my ethernet cable and switch to wi fi.

lol, compared to what’s out there, id say this is less cheating than using the rev 9


U said u prefer playing with a higher ping through wifi, which isnt a stable connection when u have the option for a wired connection.
U complain low ping disadvantage yet U are causing lag by using wifi. So refer back to my previous post

Good day sir and goodbye

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it is a stable connection though. When it clearly isn’t, i switch to wired. why would anyone play with an unstable connection? That’s a real disadvantage.

I don’t think it’s anything to do with ping anymore as i have a ping of 10 on gears 5 where as gears 4 now due to there being no players on my region (UK) and there for having to play on US/mexican servers with a ping of 120+ and have yet gears 4 has always and still does play times better than gears 5 i just feel like the only other explanation is that it’s a netcode issue. Don’t get me wrong, in no way am I a coder or programmer but I’ve heard somewhere that g4 runs on 30 ticks and g on 60 ticks or vise verser but i feel that ping isn’t the cause for the game not working “properly” from a PvP point of view.

Once in a while I’ll invite this guy from a remote area in Canada because he is cool. His ping is always around 100 to 110. Stable no spikes. My game play suffers,not to bad but gameplay is completely different when higher pings are not in lobby. Every game he is pretty much leading team ,Not to rip the guy but I honestly don’t see anything to justify his play other than his ping is giving him a advantage.


yeah, i know that. it’s crazy, isn’t it? low ping isn’t all that desirable lol.

when i play wired i get under 30 ping. when i play wi fi i get no higher than 60.

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Exactly it is crazy. I feel like your ping has to be within 20 or so of the majority of the lobby. I can have a ping of 10 and everyone else be in the 40 to 60 and it just seems like I have a disadvantage. @Krylon_Blue kinda felt the same way but his theory was within 10.


Single digit ping is a SERIOUS DISADVANTAGE.
I Love it when my ping is anywhere from 22 - 34 ms
Thats the sweet spot.
Single digit. Your gun doesnt fire. When your hit by an opponent. You 100% 4 pointed instantly. You are literally a bot


I would be very happy at 30ms
Try 2 - 6 ms ping. Ur movement is slow af and your imputs have even more lag. It doesnt make sense


I get a lot of glitchy movement such as rubber banding when I’m below 10ms.

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lol right!?

i used to have even lower ping on gears 4 and no soul believed my complaints.

low ping = ultra sluggish

Game desync is going to happen even with low ping. This is nothing new to online multiplayer shooters and isn’t a result of low ping. It certainly doesn’t put you at a disadvantage either. I’d also like to mention that input lag is not an artifact of low or high ping, Everything is simulated locally on the client for that exact reason. Rubber banding on the other hand is a result of the server correcting the client’s position based on the updates that its received, which is usually heavily exacerbated when your ping is high.

Here’s a good article on client side prediction and how it affects online games if you want to learn more about why these sorts of things happen:

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I’d love to know where they get ping lvls from. I regularly have in game ping of 6 or less yet I have no fibre connection and engineers test on phone line put ping from house to exchange at 7
The best connection on any device I’ve ever achieved here has a ping of 33ms.

Low pings to me mean 3 shotgun blasts to the head to kill anyone and even when playing against AI the enemy are always half the distance away from me on kill screen compared to mine.

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