Low Ping Disadvantage has dramatically improved since Ryan Cleven left

Ive been beating the drum.about low ping having a distinct disadvantage since last year. It was a very obvious issue for.lots of low ping players. Lots of the issues I attribute(d) to poor lag comp software.
I feel that I should point out that, IMOO, low ping plays much much better than it has since launch. I no longer feel completely hamstrung. I dont know if its coincidence or not, but I noticed things started feeling better not long after the departure of Ryan Cleven. Im not trying to say it was Ryans fault by any stretch. Im.just wondering if the new Head of multiplayer made some executive decision that improved gameplay. Or if the lag comp software was worked on. I have noticed that ping parameters in.match making have been very good for the most part. And that plays a large role in it. The low ping matchmaking option was a nice addition to the game.
Either way, I’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in gameplay over the last month. I.personally want to.thank whomever was responsible for it.
Lastly, I feel like 5 is reaching the point of being in a good place. We are light years away from the state at launch. I know their will be people that want to disagree. That is cool. I know PVE needs some QOL improvements. The card system and Dupes needs to be addressed(i think it will be). Characters(ahem…cough cough…Carmines) needs to have PVE added to them. (I think it will be)…And Ranked needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. I know an overhaul is in the works…but lets speed it up. Winning 6 matches of KOTH in a row netted me about 500 points. Then losing 1 match to a team favored by 6,000 points cost me 800 ? Its really impossible to even try and understand what is going on there. …
But Ive seen a lot of improvement. Lets keep it going.




@Nineteenth_Hour To clarify…my statement about Ryan Clevens departure is to give a sort of “time stamp”. Not to.say “Ryan did bad…new people …Good”. It literally was the week following his departure that the game responded much better…and in my opinion, more fairly…situationally…
In my.opinion,(only), the game plays better with a low ping #. I no longer feel the need to play over my mobile hot spot instead of my fiber. This perception may be exclusively mine. That is why I am posting. Curious to see if , “Its just me”

Agree to disagree about the ping.

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“backfire effect”

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The point is that until a network engineer working on gears 5 tells us what is really going on, it’s all hearsay.


It’s great that you’re having a better experience but sadly none of it has come my way.

At this point I feel like an addict, I know the game is bad and I rage whenever I touch it but always come back for more. I used to play everyday for several hours and for the last month or two it’s been 2 or so days at best. The Carmines and Myrrah made a huge impact in me sticking around.

I hope it gets better but I wouldn’t bet on it.


Agreed. Just giving you another term for confirmation bias that’s all :wink:

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Same here been rotating back to 4 to get my fix now. So now when I boot up I’ll give 5 a couple of matches. If it’s horrible I’m gonna rotate to 4. Most of the issues since launch that plague the majority of the community here it was mild for some reason for me. Since Op3 been released this game been awful. Every aspect of it.

Just for the record… tried to be very cleary…it was my opinion.only. Im not confirming, nor trying to confirm that anything was/is fixed. My game experience has been better. That is what im saying. That is all.

I had a week or two around that time when the game felt great and thought the issue with low ping players apparently being shafted had been sorted but it reverted back to sponge city again unfortunately for me.

@o_19_FENIX_79_o apparently this game doesnt like me. As soon as I made this post it seems to have gone to ■■■■ again… tonight everybody was a lancer sponge. I lost every 50/50 or even 60/40. Everybody was magically faster. I got downed by a non active lancer in 3 bullets. Good times

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Single digit ping is still a problem.
You dont feel it as much in quickplay or custom for wht ever reason.
But for me. The game plays soooo much better in the 20s than 3 to 6 ms ping.
It makes zero sense wht so ever why im the one that is at a disadvantage when im seeing people over 100 ping that eat shots.
When they go against me. What they see is wht they get. They shoot where im at and thats exactly where im at. Not 2 steps ahead of where they actually are when im shooting at them.
The main problem with this game is the inconsistency from 1 round to the next. Thats the only thing that is consistent.
Very frustrating to say the least.

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@v_PeRK_v thats lag comp. They play what they see ons their screen. Not ur screen. No matter if you arent there anymore.

I always have higher ping in quick match and funnily enough it does seem to play better. Usually 9 in ranked and it’s appalling.

@o_19_FENIX_79_o when your ping is higher, your on ice skates w/movement. When ping is low you stick to every wall and roll instead of slide. You will never convince me that TC doesnt have additional input delays on lower ping. They wont admit it. But with movement supposedly client side, there is no reason at all why movement should perform any different with ping variancea.
@v_PeRK_v im single digit also. With our fiber connections, and pretty much no loss of packets…our connection is so good and stable…low ping is a bullet magnet…players never seem to miss or ghost any shots…and if you get hit you get hit hard and go down fast. Its very very obvious.

Have you noticed when your single digit ping 3 to 6 ms which is usually where im at in ranked that you shoot ghost bullets and for wht ever reason when you pop shot. Your shot isnt lined up before you left triggered. You basically have to left trigger and re aim. Ive noticed it as soon as op 3 dropped more so.
Every match is different from the last. You speed is different from match to match so your having to get used to the new movement every match.

@v_PeRK_v yeah…i ghost.lots of gnasher shots.as well.I think its because of the differences in speed . Lets be real. Single digit ping is really fast. I think you outperform the server sometimes. Because pretty much everyone else is latent, , the ping discrepancy means the server can’t get the info back quick enough from.the other player…so a packet or two.is “disregarded”…,your shot.
We get no.lag comp at all. I had to turn.my kill cam.off
…my gnasher.shots miss a lot because I’m not pointing at where they are(were going). Lag comp lets a player play what they see…But, we can’t see what they see because that info hasn’t even reached the server yet. People always say dont believe the kill cam b/c its wrong. No…its not…its just a combo of both players data. That’s why a lot of my kill cam feeds showed my gun pointed at a completely wrong angle compared to where the player actually was…The player had moved a little, but that info hadn’t gotten to me yet. I was pointing at them.on my screen. Yet that isn’t exactly where they were. For whatever reason lag comp.lets the latent player get the benefit of verification.
To me, the best thing to do is to always delay the fastest player connection wise to at least the next fastest opponent. Meaning if you are 5 ms…and out of your 4 opponents, the fastest of the 4 is 22ms…put you on a 17 ms delay.
Imo, matching w,/ping parameters in place…lets say the slowest speed is 55ms. Delay everyone to match up to that 55ms and turn off lag comp. If your connection is unstable…then oh well…let the unstable player ghost his shots…i think that would force a lot of people to get their ■■■■ together regards running over wifi.instead of ethernet.

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