Low levels on Inconceivable matchmaking

They might surprise you.

Don’t leave until you see if they’re good or not. Too much people quit before the first wave starts.


I don’t consider those low myself. I’m not one of those that say you need to be Wings or something to play. But if you’re a Level 40 non-Reup there’s a good chance your setup isn’t fit for Inconceivable.


Understandable but it is off putting to players who want to get their 25 or 50 waves of horde in. I expect a certain standard of play to be achieved in horde, the basics, from all players (including myself) but if that is not met then I am out. I have only ever been surpised once by a non re-up engineer and only once. Looking at the photo I would not have quit because to me that is not a noob and not even consider that “low level” well at least in my experience.

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I’m re up 5 and can’t even get people to stay to make it to the launch of horde.

It’s sad honestly. I could carry a lot of bad players too and keep them from being bodied the entire time if they would just help me a little.

Like I’m a heavy. I like violence. Let me do my thing. You keep the power coming, WL’s stocked and sentry loaded covering my ■■■ we will be good to go.

Thing that kills me about New players? They run out playing hero - get downed all the way across the map and expect me to come after them. Like naw. Not going to happen that way lol

Once you have your cards up to date (I only play inconceiveable) then it is all good in my books. Unfortunately experience dictates how you or other players are going to be received in public. If I saw what the OP pointed out I would honestly not quit or consider that a low level but when players keep seeing that re-up and it keeps failing then they will leave just to avoid that the scene they have seen again and again. If I was in LFG and seen a low level pop in then I am hey fine be here and put the work in but in public if a player sees a low level join at a high difficulty it sends a message to them that this player is going to ruin this game and even if they continue its already put them off their game.

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Daaaaaamn that Engi killed it huh?

Public is toxic as heck man…I don’t care what anyone says…LFG is the way to go even if you’re looking for a non SR…I’ve only had one bad encounter with LFG out of the 100’s I’ve played in or posts I’ve made


The problem is not that you are a lower level but when the scout does not play there role or the engineer does not do his job or the heavy wants to pick up power and other players want to purchase weapons out of the fabricator there are things you need to know when starting out that you do not know to be on an inconceivable match it is not personal against anyone just others have messed it up for others and do not understand it is about the team not self interest

It’s hard for me to do LFG tho with my time schedule. Hell I haven’t even had time lately to do the horde mania runs for the omen skins. Just how it goes with life.

Pretty much way it works with me playing heavy.

I need 2-3 boomshots/dropshots. I’ll run thought both of them in an entire wave. Pretty much I don’t move. I stand and blast and back into my cover spot. A couple sentrys are nice to have behind me to cover my ■■■ from trackers and juvies. I can handle them too but if they get too close I’ll down myself with splash damage.

I don’t pick up power unless it’s by accident or if I’m running for cover .

I always thought I was a fairly decent player

Bro, it takes me roughly 5 minutes to get in a game with LFG. Just try it out. I think it would surprise you and end up being a good thing for you.

I look on there but never anything that’s happened recently or it’s hours away

Hmm… well probably now when things are in a lull it’s probably slow. Early June there was movement on there.

Sorry bud.

Failed any?

10th. We destroyed the Carrier, but two Deadeyes took us down very fast.

Not bad.