Low GPU usage Gears 5 Stuttering GTX 1070 [FIX]

Any word when they are actually just gonna fix the issue and we won’t have to go through this hassle? Maybe a class action lawsuit is an option?

ok so its just the lastest driver that is screwing everything up… 436.30

i just went into control panel , uninstaller and uninstalled that nvidia driver. i already had nvidia experience installed. then reset system and went into experience - and in not sure if itll say the same for everyone - but even though i had no drivers installed, it said i had 436.15 installed … i clicked the 3 dots and reinstalled it and everything is good.

kinda odd though w 436.30 i didnt have any studdering, game ran fine @ 100+ fps but showed 0% GPU and CPU was 75% ish… which i cant see possible. it had to be using it - GPU usage now w 436.15 is like 99%, cpu down a little but gpu temps are exacty the same with both… so it was using it, it just wasnt saying it was

Gears 5 says it’s not even using the gpu at all?

Alienware R5 17
GTX 1080

Had the same issue since the first day, i’ve been reading and downloading every software but nothing was working.

However, i tried the DDU driver uninstall, and WORKED! For me its a problem solved.

Give it a go, create a restore and unistall with DDU, then search for windows update and install the base driver. If your RIG is quite new and the base drive its like yesterday’s, then look manually for an NVIDIA driver: i got Driver NVIDIA 389.12 and worked like a charm, give it a GO!

Thanks for the DDU solution!

I got mine low usage but actually the gpu is working and no stuttering

solved for me sorry for my English i am french.
vérify in game settings make sur the game use your gpu not selected auto .
the parameter is at the very bottom in the video settings configuration in the game

This should only have an impact if you are on a laptop with 2 GPUs, or have a desktop with 2 different GPUs.
But good info! Can easily forget about this!

Hey guys, just thought I could help with a “solution” to this problem… I have a GTX 1070 and 6700hq 16gb RAM. So on the latest set of drivers, I’m getting the horrible stuttering that everyone here describes and my fps range anywhere from 20 to 40 fps regardless of settings.
I tried multiple methods listed here (Riva Tuner/ISLC/uninstall and reinstall drivers) none of that helped,

I finally managed to get the game working as intended without any stutters by reverting to an old GTX driver 389.12 that someone suggested here… I then updated and once again the stutters came back… I once again removed the drivers with ddu but this time I let windows download the drivers and so far it works without a hitch… I know this isn’t really a great solution but jts the only way I can currently run this broken game.

Honestly, if the game works then it’s a great solution. I’m fine with using an old driver if it allows me to enjoy the game.

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GTX 1080
Ryzen 1700X
16GB RAM (dual channel…)
Playing Ultra 4K with Dynamic Res (DRS), Ultra textures, Insane SSR. Tiled resources is off. Also tried no DRS with 1440p, same problems.

Same issues and I can’t play the game at all. I uninstalled 436.30 with DDU and let Windows install the ancient 388.something.

It is mildly better, but not fixed. Mildly = with 436.15 and .30 I would get 1-2 big stutters (3-5 seconds, exactly like in the video someone posted above) then back to normal for 30s - 1 minute. After 2 or 3 of these big stutters, I’d get the massive one, after which GPU utilization is permanently at 0%, 3 fps followed by loss of character control (playing with Xbox controller). Does not recover and I have to quit the game. Character is stuck on running forward at 3fps.

With 388.something I’d get maybe 10 “initial” stutters, but the big one came eventually. So it just lasted a bit longer, that’s it.

I can’t play the game… I am in Act I, chapter 4 IIRC (hotel area). First chapters exhibited cut-scene massive stutters and gameplay stutters as well, but were limited to 1-2 seconds at best. Seemed like the game was running out of VRAM (running Ultra textures), but I am not so sure since it does it at 1080p and 1440p as well, so…

I tried disabling dynamic res and sticking to upscaled 1440p, but all the above issues persist.

TC/Nvidia - we need a fix ASAP. A lot of GTX 1080 with issues as far as I can find on the internet.

EDIT: About Ultra textures. My thinking is that if this 8GB card could not handle Ultra textures, than GeForce Experience/Nvidia itself would not give me as recommended settings 4K with all Ultra settings and DRS enabled. So I don’t think 8GB is not cutting it. It would rule out all the cards that don’t have 8+ GB, which means 1080 Ti, 2080 Ti and Titans.

Hmmm, reverting back to old drivers did the trick for me, have you tried clearing your memory with ISLC? Cause I have it on by default and its supposed to get rid of stutters cause by win10 hogging all your memory…

Honestly guys, we shouldn’t have to resort to doing all this janky ■■■■ just to get the game running. They shouldn’t release a broken game in the first place. Although it seems that nvidia’s driver is the problem here

EDIT: btw, I’m running the game in 4k with ultra textures with dsr on and a solid 60fps. And I have a GTX 1070

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i found a strange fix for me, i’m using a xbox one *controller on windows 10 and whenever the frame drops to a crawl (4-5 fps) i turn off the controller and turn it back on, the fps begin to recover to 60 fps again…

i’m going to downgrade the driver anyway but just wanted to share


Played gears 5 for a week and all good, very smooth and now as soon as i touch a button on the keyboard it freezes. Can look around with my mouse smoothly.

Tried the Xbox one controller and low and behold, No freezing what so ever ?? I really down understand

I was facing the same with i7 4790 and GTX 1660ti with 16GB ram, I tried drivers, power settings, etc, etc, etc, the only thing that worked for me was to completely reinstall windows, I just installed the nvidia drivers and nothing else, and it’s working fine since then.

Hey guys, I finally found a permanent fix and it has nothing to do with nvidia drivers, so you can update to the latest drivers.

All I did was delete razer synapse, msi rivatuner and afterburner, and then clear the registry with ccleaner and Voila! Game runs absolutely fine with the latest drivers.

Same issue.

Asus G702 i 7-7700HQ, 16gb Ram, GTX 1060 6GB

On latest NV driver 436.30 it stutters. Bounces between 20-35 fps every second no matter the settings. 0-2% GPU usage.Still happens after DDU and clean install of any drivers, tried 417.35 all the way up to 436.30

WORKS on base windows drivers 388.57 perfectly fine after DDU average 60fps, 45fps in big firefights on ultra, though other games now crash or run poorly.

Am running the ultra textures

May have to wait for a new NV driver that addresses this issue.

On 2 of my friends laptops, one with a Gtx 970m and the other Gtx 1660ti on 436.30 it works perfectly fine

Guys I figured it out, I posted elsewhere as well but thought I would post here to help.

Turn off HPET.

To disable HPET in Windows run the command bcdedit /deletevalue useplatformclock then Reboot.

I have a 3600x and a 1080ti and was getting 40-60fps, doesn’t matter what graphical preset I used, with very low gpu usage.

I’ve always had HPET off since I got the exact same issue in Max Payne 3 but I upgraded my computer recently and forgot to turn it off.

Anyway the game runs fantastic now, getting full GPU usage no problems maintaining 70FPS+ at 2K, insane settings.

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I have another possible fix. Okay this is gonna sound crazy, but I found the issue in my case. Not sure if others have this same problem, but the stuttering and fps drops were coming from having my Xbox one controller connected to my PC with bluetooth. No other game does this.

I decided to try playing Mouse and Keyboard and funny enough, my frames almost immediately picked back up to 180-200fps. I plugged my controller in using USB and the issue is gone, so it seems like bluetooth is bugging my game out! Really hope this helps someone having the same frustrating issue.

Work for me! Thanks!

i found out the same, whenever the controller via bluetooth is running out of batteries, it will flash at that moment the stuttering appears