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Low GPU usage Gears 5 Stuttering GTX 1070 [FIX]

My alienware Laptop R3 15
i7 7700HQ
GTX 1070
16GB Ram ( Single Channel)
Got like 1-5% gpu usage and game stutter like hell any solution ?

[SOLVED] for myLaptop !
Solution Below OwO
Might not work for your laptop/pc , but you can give it a shot

same issue here on gtx 1060

New driver is out…

I wait the new driver and update it, and the stutter still occured
gpu usage only 1-5%

Are you using microsoft store version ?

Nope i’m using the steam version.
Are you using single channel or dual channel RAM ?

make a clean install with DDU. and take a look at your energy options.

i am using single channel RAM. I did clean install with DDU and tried changing energy options but its still the same

that’s ■■■■. I have the same video card and it works without problems.

I saw someone that had low gpu usage on toms hardware forum they only had 1 single channel RAM
i guess that’s the problem because i have tried all the troubleshooting except adding another RAM to make it dual channel

the ram is in the right bank?

which motherboard?

you using single channel ram or dual channel ?

Ahh you have a notebook… Dual Channel

Gigabyte GA-B250M-D3H

[quote=“GunshyChicken12, post:14, topic:25395, full:true”]
Gigabyte GA-B250M-D3H

DDR 4-2 and DDR4-4 tested?

BIOS Update ??

i have a asus rog whit gtx 1060 and same problem… have some one find a solution?

Is the ram Dual Channel ?

Clean driver with DDU?

New driver tested?

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I don’t have dual channel ram. Also I don’t think that ram is the problem here because it is working correctly when launching the game