Low fps and i have no clue why

hey everyone i just recently picked up a 2080ti and gears is very choppy and stutters. please someone tell me what im doing wrong

Can you try uninstlaling and then reinstalling your Nvidia drivers?

If you are still having issues please revert to a previous driver and see if that helps.

thanks for responding ive already tried reverting and reinstalling the drivers nothing has worked. im kinda worried that its my rig but im thinking it should be able to run everything i could want

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Some people are having issues running Gears on PC on various hardware, and some of these users have had Nvidia or gears updates fix or cause this issue. I haven’t been able to see any reliable pattern unfortunately.

Just for reference I have a 7700k and a 2080ti too.

On a 10xx 436.30 is no go, but should be OK on 20xx.
I did get fps disaster like above after a Windows update I think - whatever the cause doing a driver reinstall in Geforce Experience selecting Clean install fixed it - there’s not much else you can do if it doesn’t

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48 fps and 20ms+ render is awfully low fps for a 2080 Ti. I’m on 3440x1440 on a 1080 Ti with 82 fps.

How are your other games running? Hard to find out what’s wrong without more information.

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