Low CPU and GPU utilization

System specs-
GPU- MSI GTX 1060 6GB gaming X
CPU- Intel i7-6700 3.40GHz
Storage- HDD ST2000DM006

Recently got gears of war 5, (I am playing windowed mode 1080p scaled resolution)
Getting around 50-70% usage for both GPU and CPU.
CPU cores are all roughly consistent with none at 100%
VRAM use around 3.5GB, RAM is 56% usage
FPS is uncapped, V-sync off, yet FPS is hanging around 60-100,
With FPS uncapped GPU and CPU should be being utilized to near 100%?

This issue is only happening with Gears of war 5, Not sure what is going wrong.

Can you run a benchmark and post it?

Can you please post your benchmark results?

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Here you go

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I would have expected you to be more GPU bound,

Can you try changing the settings to Ultra presets so I can compare?

You said the problem was from 5 but the benchmark is from 4?


Does it have anything to do with the 144 frame rate cap?

No, as it isn’t hitting the cap and Vsync is off.


Thank you.

I am not sure why you changed the resolution though.

I looked up a few results for people with GTX 1060’s and similar powered CPU’s to yours and the results are quite similar at 1080P (accounting for the fact that Gears 5 is a bit more taxing to run and the benchmarks you have shown are from 4).

It makes sense that the CPU isn’t hitting full utilisation, and you may be able to put some settings at Ultra rather than high (leaving resolution at 1080P) and barely lose any FPS. Its unlikely that you would hit 144 much at all in campaign even if you gutted settings to low.

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(The resolution changed for some reason when I re-launched it)

Shouldn’t fps continuously rise until the system is bottlenecked by a spec though?
I’m no expert on benchmark tests, so correct me if I am wrong, but these tests indicate that it is the GPU which is the bottleneck? This would be fine, but the GPU is running well below 100%

I have also just realized that GPU usage is according to Xbox companion and task manager is said to be two different percentages, I think the Xbox companion performance tab is in beta, so its probably best to trust the task manager. I would use RiviaTuner but its a windows game.

On High settings
Xbox Console Companion- GPU usage- 50-60%
Task manager- GPU usage- 20-30%

You are correct on both counts. If you are confused as to why I mentioned the CPU, its because I was ruling that out as being the issue.I have seen posts previously where people get confused as to why their CPU is their bottleneck and they get say 100 FPS when in other games they get much more (as different games can have vastly different requirements and expected output)

Usually yes, but not always. Sometimes poor optimisation or inbuilt limits can stop this. Say if a game is locked at 30fps it wouldn’t matter if you could theoretically run it at 100fps. In this case it may be that Gears is poorly optimised for using your particular hardware (or something else is running interference). It also may be that you would apporach closer to 100% GPU is you turned a few settings up that were GPU heavy without losing too much FPS.

This is annoying because one (or both) is clearly wrong.

Ultimately though you are getting FPS on par with others using your GPU and similar CPU’s, so I wouldn’t be worried that anything is wrong on your end.

Alright well that’s a shame, I was looking forward to enabling that extra power, but as you say if it is roughly what others are getting I guess I’ll make do. Thanks for all the help though anyway, extremely aprieciate it dude

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You still can OC if you want to do so, as well as fiddle with the settings til you find a great balance between graphical fidelity and framerate :slight_smile:

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There are several factors that prevent a card from reaching 100%: bottleneck on the part of the cpu, energy saving mode (Nvidia panel), a non demand on the part of the game (the card does not have to be always at 100%).
In fact, even if it reaches 100%, there are limits both in consumption and in heat that can prevent it from working at the maximum of clocks.
When this limit is reached, the gpu clock goes down… this is completely normal.

If you want your card to get more stressed, go to the Nvidia panel and look for the option “prefer maximum performance”.

I also suggest that you expand the FOV, that also stresses the graphics more.

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And just for added reference

The timestamp shows a few cards (including a 1060) on Gears 5 with 1080 and 1440P at all Ultra on the campaign benchmark.

If this is a Laptop

Battery setting: High performance

Open Nvidia control panel:

Got to manage 3D settings > Program Settings

Select program: Gears5

Select GPU: NVDIA GPU preferred

Specify Settings For this Program:
Texture Filtering - Quality Change it to Highperformance

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I noticed that. I benchmark often. They changed it to show more consistent frames. I get average 90fps in benchmark. But in actual gameplay I get 144fps. I have I5-7400 RX 580. I play it on medium. Turn the option on to see fps counter. Your real fps will show in gameplay.

If anyone still suffers this problem turn off hpet with administrator cmd. It solves nearly all of the fps problems in gears 5.