Loving the new escape map

I love the new escape map. We get some control over the enemies we fight and basically get to pick a loadout depending on which of the first three rooms you clear. There are lancers and frags on the left, boomshots and retros in the center, and dropshots, claws, and shocks on the right. After that, it’s just a firefight to the exit.

I never thought we would see lancers in escape because the chainsaw saves ammo (then again I said the same thing about the retro lancer and it showed up in The Hunters). While picking the dropshot room with Keegan and having the player with the second dropshot just feed him their ammo is the best option in my opinion, especially with the explosive resupply card that was added, I have to say chainsawing juvies for Lahni’s ammo pickups is a fun time.

I’ve only beaten it on insane so far, but it was probably the easiest and most fun insane run of escape I’ve done yet.

I suppose it’s worth mentioning. You can totally just cheese it by running past all of the enemies on the left during the first act and then running past the enemies on the right during the second act. If you get lucky during the second act and the elite drones are busy roaring at you and then miss their shots, it’s possible to reach the exit without killing a single enemy on insane. I don’t think it’s fun, you get a worse score, and on insane it’s usually faster to just fight your way through than it is to get that perfect run where you don’t get shot, but it’s an option, especially if you need some quick hives for daily objectives or medals.


I’ve been enjoying this Escape map as well. You make a good point about the multiple weapon options depending on the path you take. I’m enjoying it because it’s incredibly short, easy to complete and really helps grinding for the complete “X” amount of Escape acts medal. It would be really sweet if TC chose a handful of interesting community made maps and put them into the rotation for Escape matchmaking.

Side note: One of my favorite things to do in this week’s Escape hive is to dart to the end as fast as possible, pull the lever and watch my teammates (who lagged behind) die to the hordes of enemies that just spawned as I pulled said lever.

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It seems like a great map if you’re not trying to cheese through it(which, by the way, has turned into a VERY widespread phenomenon to the point where it seems nearly impossible to find any match to play through the hive “legit”). Most of the attempts I have seen also just fail absolutely miserably on the first section, or if we get past the first, then the second when Poppers blow up on us or the Scions take the rushers down. And we can’t fight them because we have no weapons due to ignoring all supply rooms including the one with frags which is vital to success on Insane and up. I literally made a custom lobby which said to get serious players for Incon and Master with a “NO RUSHING.” disclaimer at the end. People’s reading skills must have turned to paste because when I had players join, they still tried to rush past the enemies AND failed miserably ontop of that.


Dude if you want to actually play it in public, good luck.

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Yes perfect hive to rush through… Already done that multiple times, i LIKE escape!!:grin:

I’ve only beaten it in Public twice with groups who either knew it was a ridiculous and not working idea to attempt to rush through, or listened to me when I suggested to fight the enemies instead of attempting to rush past them and failing hopelessly. Surprise surprise, on Insane we pretty much beat the second section of the hive very easily when I suggested to fight the enemies, and Incon it just took us 2-3 tries overall to beat, With randoms where there was little coordination. Keegan’s Shredder frags of course are pretty much the game breaker on this hive. The carnage caused by them on Elite Drones and Elite Hunters is just glorious. They carve through Scions extremely quickly too.

I didn’t beat Master on Public, though. Custom was still not reliable with rushers joining even when I said to not rush in the lobby description in all caps. Wasn’t expecting LFG to be any better. In the end I had to bug a friend to help me get the damn thing done, and beat it on our first try. Then he accuses me of “crying” when it’s finished. I wasn’t “crying”, I was venting my frustration at the sheer incompetence and stupidity of public randoms! All trying to rush through the hive like it’s Beginner and failing miserably at it too…

That shredder at level 4 melts them, even level 3 it does work. I really don’t care for the surge. Beat it countless times public or what not and just got bored fast. You get a salvo at the end as keegan it just wrecks them. The lancer is alright. I liked the hunters alot more. This one just feels short to me. Glad others enjoy it.

I think the rush job is kinda funny, got all those cards and xp and then they cant play when the new hive comes. That’s one thing about that speedrun stuff, not all but alot become like mentally crippled of how to play when something harder comes along.

Cards? What do I need those for?

You want to play a real master run and get in the venom and fight send me a message. Glad to do it again. I ain’t afraid of no dose.