Love it but needs DLC or NG+

I loved this game but the game needs re-playability options and fast. Is there any dlc planned?

Gears Tactics lol.

Also my game is stuck on the Enemy Turn so I’d like for them to fix that bug before adding anything new

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Huh, you’re right.Light grey tags on dark grey backgrounds really don’t stand out.

Jack mode wasn’t at launch and judging from the last “update” I think that’s it. A nice experiment but nothing more than that.

Enabling mods and allowing custom content (like in steam workshop) would keep the game alive for a long time.

It a damn good game for a new franchise spin off. Hopefully the sequel will be more fully fleshed out.

Yeah would have liked some DLC but that will probably happen for the sequel.

A sequel? is it a wish or was it announced / rumor?

Would love another Tactics but with the current state of affairs at TC, I’m not even sure we’ll see a Gears 6.

I was assuming as it was generally very well received. What’s going on at TC then?

That is something everyone would like to know, but until TC hires a new director of communications, we will get the silence treatment.

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Isn’t Tactics mainly developed by Splash Damage?

It is, but TC is in charge of the franchise meaning all big decisions needed the thumbs up from TC.

I’m sure Microsoft and Phil Spencer will step in after all it’s one of their only few remaining successful franchises.

I would hope we get a Karn/Paduk DLC like RAAMs shadow.