Lost Syndrome Skins!

Simple as the title, I can’t find the Syndrome skins for the weapons that have another skin on them now.
The weapons that have the Syndrome Skin attached are still there, but if I take the skin off I know I’ll lose them.

Please fix this Coalition, I lost my lancer syndrome skin and can’t put on another skin for my other weapons in fear I’ll lose more syndrome skins.

“All syndrome skins that you held dear, all that you held close, are lost into the sea of distant memory…”

— Queen Myrrah, Gears of War 2.


“Please use the fecking forum search function in future.”
– Confucius

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does he mean the blue esports one of the blood omen ones?

Who Confucius? Probably the red ones. Red is considered a lucky colour in Chinese culture innit.

but syndrome is blueeeeeee

Blue syndrome

You didn’t lose any skins. TC is known to make bad decisions for Gears like this one and now only lets you use the Syndrome skins with the COG and Midnight Omen skins with the Swarm, and either skin in horde. TC said they’ve had too many complaints about color confusion with these skins. Though I never got to see any complaints for evidence believing they made the decision on their own. What about the Paid skin it’s a shade of red, and the Diamond too, it’s a shade of blue? You can identify an enemy by knowing what team you’re on, using TAC-COM, or not seeing a colored arrow over the player’s head.

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yeah what about the swarm pod skin

TC is full of feceses

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Alright guys… Closing this…

They changed them to prevent confusion.
Syndrome went to cog, and Midnight Omen to the Swarm.