Lost Souls Packs Seperate

So I just spent about 53,000 coins and didn’t get not one Carmine skin which is the only reason why i’m interested in this pack…I would have liked to see the Carmine characters and Day of The Dead characters in separate packs how does anyone else feel ?

It’s a chance you take. I spent a similar amount back when the Academy pack was out in order to get Lieutenant J.D…

I got him eventually, but not after the entire weapon set about 3 times and not even 1 Del.

Just keep smiling…that’s what they told me.

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Did your friends and family get suspicious when you were creepily smiling at them 24/7?
“No no guys, I don’t want you, I want J.D!”

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I got zombie anthony carmine on my second to last 400 pack i would say it was worth the 6000 credits, oh yeah there is no carmine weapon skins, epic right?

Yeeees. I thought if I sat in a corner rocking back and forth muttering “J.D…J.D…J.D…” he’d appear. 3 days later, no luck. :crazy_face:

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