Lost Souls Pack forgot the Zombie Carmine weapon skins

They forgot to add the Zombie Carmine weapon skins. They could of also added Gear Corpse Character to the pack

I don’t think the weapon skins matter at this point, IMO

Everything in the pack should have been craftable at this point.


And Also, when you “preview” the pack it says you can get the zombie carmine emblem and the DOTD 2017 Emblem, I Opened easily 50 packs and didn’t get any of them

I’ve spent over 200,000 cr and not one box had the carmine emblem lots of my friends got them but not me not one and i needed it to add to collection

Same here 200,000cr not one its a joke when they big them selfs up with new stuff or events on streams and it dont work make them look foolish .

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