Lost Outsiders: Trying to go back to the East Substation

I went to the East Comm Substation and missed Lena’s code. Now when I try to go back, I don’t get the prompt to go under the large rock stuck on the path to the tower. Once you’ve gone there you can’t go back or is this a glitch?

You need to register the tower and complete the “side-mission” (not really a side-mission, but you know what I mean). After that, you can go back to the open world .

The tower substation is not actually located in the main mission area, but slightly outside to the left of the main comms tower. If I recalled the exact heading to take, I would mention it, but I don’t actually do.

I’m in open world trying to go back down the path to the east tower. At one point the path becomes thin and there is a rock to duck under. I don’t get the prompt to hit X and duck under it to continue.

It’s not where you need to go. The substation is located slightly off to the left of the path that leads you to the main comms tower mission area.

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Got it, thanks. I was ignoring that structure because I just KNEW I was right in where I was going. Now I see why everyone calls me hard headed…

Well, at least you decided to listen to what I said😁.

Though admittedly, I also at first tried to go back to the main mission area as I hadn’t seen the eastern substation at first, and had assumed it would be close to the eastern comms tower like the way it was arranged with the northern tower. But when I was unable to enter the mission area and uncertain of what to do instead, I had turned back to go to where I needed to place the phosphorus to get to the Kadar facility, only to come across the eastern substation by accident.