Lost My tier Ranked

I was gold 2 in job and then I played a game and now I need to do placement games again? Why did I loose my tier rank?

Ranks are held in Seasons - or for a period of time - before being reset.

We are now in the final season, Season 7.

Everyone has their ranks reset and it’s time to prove and claim your rank once more.

So it’s completely normal and has reset everyone.

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I’m going for Diamond again!

It’ll be easy lol.


I’m going for Negative!! Whatever color rank that would be!!!

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Well, bronze is 88 parts copper and 12 parts tin, so… tin rank…?


Everyone wants that D.

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This could work!

Not on PC lmao


Oh god true true

New season started, thats why you have to do your 5 placement matches again.

Everyone lost their rank.

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every new season ranks are reset, i wonder if after season 7 they will just keep ranks as they are

Most likely.

Aren’t you always negative?


anyone know the rank percentages for the entire playerbase?

99% but that’s only towards stupidity


Diamond 5 = 0.1%

Diamond 1-4 = 1-2%

Onyx = 25%

Gold = 33%

Silver = 25%

Bronze = 16%

This won’t add up to 100% exact because the percentages did fluctuate and each Gametype had its own makeup.

But this is what I normally saw when the website showed.

Me and @DAVID_THE_CLOWN have discussed this previously.


what was the D1-4 percentages ? (specifically 4)

Diamond as a whole is 1-2%.

We don’t know specifics, apart from D5.

But if I’m speculating,

Diamond 4 could be about 0.25%.