Lost my prestig re-ups progress

Please delete my rank and let me play and progress again, already register 2 tickets and The Colition is unable to resolve your update error of 02/09/2021, what happened below:
I had my patent in reenlist 24 and level 81 before the update on 02/09/2021. After that, it happened that my level was 34 without reenlistment, but I have all skins of reenlistment 50 level. The worst thing is that nothing I do in the game adds up to the rank as objectives, medals, cards and level, everything is stuck. There is no progress at all.
I plead you to fix the mistake that was made as soon as possible, as I have been a Gears addicted lover since the first game, I played them all and referred this game to many; see my game history.

@TC_Sera you need to work some magic here.

I do not believe in magic, almost 3 months without progress nothing was done, working and fixing the mistake made ,not magic.

As I had sent to @Y4nch4_xp prior - this is being investigated on an internal scaled and is being worked on, frankly because if one person is having the issue, more than likely many who haven’t reported are; and that tickets will not always get a direct response if we do not need further information.

I understand it’s frustrating, but it is being worked on - a complete fix for any affected is being attempted.

According to these news here, you seem to have fallen exactly into the category where it bugged out:

Not that it helps, just pointing out that TC is aware of this for at least 2.5 months.

Thank you,
A long time without position and a long time without a solution.