Lost black steel Marcus

I haven’t played gears in a long time I played a lot when the game first came out and grinded for quite a few months, I decided to get back on and I’ve lost a lot of stuff both characters that I unlocked during the campaign and also stuff that I bought in the store. Has anyone had luck fixing this?

Which game are you referring to?

There’s no Black Steel Marcus skin in GOW5.

There are also no character skins which are unlocked by playing or completing the campaign in GOW5 (nor in GOW4 to my memory). The last time there were character unlocks linked to a GOW campaign might have been GOW3.


Don’t forget Hivebusters.

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Judging by the lack of details and it being a first post account, it seems to be a troll.

They stopped giving esports content support due to the flood of “my black steel characters / skins vanished” in G4 and “my skins that I claimed are nowhere yo be found” in G5. A mod said that they shut it down due to the massive amount of fake claims.

There were some incidents regarding missing skins some time ago but they were fixed, if by some chance OP actually missed some skins, the only solution would be to submit a ticket (and we all know how that works) or to contact a caring community manager, which there is none.

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All supports get fake claims but it’s funny a big ■■■ company just “yeah ■■■■ the support” and gets away with it.