Lost almost 50% of rank after winning two in a row

was playing gears of war 4 earlyer (KOTH) before the match onyx 1 at around 20 % 1st match i played got mvp and team won, 2nd match also won and had a great performance, noticed i didnt rank up again! checked my stats 2 hour later iam a (gold 3) 66% what the frig?.. i’am aware that sometimes theres a delay on your rank for going up or down, BUT i was on tdm allday only had them two koth matche’s, wel anoth time had past since i played koth before my last two matches for my (onyx 1) 20% to be my real rank goin in to them last two matche’s so what wwent wrong?

Check all the game modes and see if there’s any modes that match the stats you last remembered you had KOTH to ensure it’s not showing the wrong game mode stats as 2v2 gnashers does.

everythink eles is were it should be. whats the longest you can wait for rank update to come? i know it says up to 2 hours but it had bin atleast 5 or 6 hours since my last KOTH and i was onyx one at that point…

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The ranking system sucks in this game.