Lost all my Collectibles

Ive lost all of my collectables for no reason. Dont release a great game until its FINISHED!!!

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Every one of my components and collectibles have disappeared, my Jack is also down to 0 components total and the upgrades are even missing. Despite this, the campaign level splash screen indicates/remembers I beat the levels on insane but still shows 0/X for both collectibles and components.

I lost all my collectibles too

Same here. We’ve all literally just lost everything.

I still have my components but all my collectables were wiped.

Same happened to me. All collectibles gone but I kept the components.

Yep, it also happened to me just now. I lost 'm all after having the Checkpoint - Saving Content glitch occur to me twice in the span of 30 minutes. My game crashed after the second time and the game froze in the pause screen twice as well.

Most of the time when I open the collectibles menu all I see is something like a buffering symbol. Except with a gear in the center.

My collectible menu won’t even load, and when I pick up something it doesn’t save it. It also set my game to Intermediate instead of Insane, so I ended up having to restart Act 3.

Seriously stupid to have campaign save your content online. Should be entirely local.

I also like how if I go to my stats it says “fetching” and it can’t load the campaign properly, but has no problem loading the store and paid content. Just goes to show where the priorities are here.

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Same for me and I’ve also made a fresh post on here, this is extremely poor. Hopefully the development team are paying close attention to this and will resolve today! But my guess is they’ll be focussing on online gameplay which will make them extra money from their paid content!

TC is working on this as a priotiy.


This page has their updates progress that you can follow if you wish to do so.

i just picked up 3 collectibles and stayed unlocked and others i collected also are showing so i think it is fixed i update when i have a whole chapter collected Greets fox


It’s just a way TC figured out to add replay value to the campaign. Everyone calm down and do it again.

This is the reason bugfilled games keep flooding the market. People like you who accept it and tell others not to whine about it.

This is not fixed, i just lost everything again

How do they screw up collectibles?? Its the most basic thing in video games…

Also losing game progress, levels i’ve completed now show unbeaten…

Very dissappointed thus far


mine is also bugged again could complete one chapter then it was the old problem again fetching fetching really sucks

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I’ve noticed your whining hasn’t stopped it either.

Wow. Good to see so-called ‘community Veterans’ representin’.
Don’t know how long you’ve been around, but if this is the kind of attitude that is accepted here, it looks like I haven’t missed much while I was gone.

Welcome aboard.! Has happened numerous times. Got as far as act 1 chap 3 with everything this time and now missing collectibles and components from every chapter. Should have released it next year. Ridiculous. IT IS NOT RESOLVED!

You can try my solution to get collectibles found and lost :
Issue for lost collectibles bug