Lost all my characters! And the stuff I paid for what’s is going on?

Logged in today and all the stuff I paid for a earned was gone

Just the usual TC stuff, Create a ticket or something, maybe they’ll care and do something about it.

They’ wont.


My only advice is to restart your console (ideally a hard reset) and allow it to resync with the cloud. All content is attached to your gamertag and backed up on the cloud so it should sort itself out.


Try restarting. It has happened to me several times the last month, starting the game and only having the things from the base game. Everything has returned after a restart, the annoying thing is that the horde skill cards need to be setup again each time since those settings are lost.

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I miss Sera. She would be on this pronto but TC is a faceless company now. I hope you get it sorted soon. I had paid items vanish in the past.