Lost 13 ranked matches in a row now

I know it probably just a matter of “gitting gud” but I can’t help but feel that the rest of my team isn’t pulling enough weight. This is just a rant but I’m pretty sure getting 13 losses in a row is worst luck of the draw in my ranked gaming career what so ever. I have never lost this many matches in a row before. I am definitely not the one to MVP every game but not bottom either. Idk it’s just rather annoying seeing people actualyly go negative. and not play OBJ at all. Koth ranked btw.


big meanieeeeee

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I appreciate that you’re admitting to your losing streak rather than making another redundant complaint thread to explain away your lack of success with the “Gears 5 has no skill gap” whine.

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eh maybe i just need a team to to comm with but im just farming medals so getting these 10 wins in each ranked is a real ■■■■■ with these lose streaks.

I like to make kids cry. It’s one of my many missions in life.

eh call me what you will but the ranked game I just played after this I won and got my 5 star medal :smiley:

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Good job!!!

Do you play PC or console?

i play with a friend and we play Obj and are always top in caps and kills but we still lose cause people just suck, gotta get a full stack to do consistent

im master rank and i feel you. it is BRUTAL out there

it is absolutely ridiculous the teammates i get. shooting the gnasher from across the map, 2 or more afk players (just wow, im speechless at that), or the typical quitter

also, the game is buggy right now and it kicks people from the game so yeah

It’s a shame we can’t see everybody’s individual rating at the end of a match. I’d like to be able to see the numbers behind why/how the matchmaker gives me the guy with 15 elims at the end of a 30 minute KotH game and still considered my team favored to win.

I’m assuming this is the gears 5 equivalent of getting a bronze on your team, only now you can’t see it I guess so… Yay.


I play on PC.

add me for some wins lol i’ll be on tonight6pm eastern time my gamertag is : OGxRicosavage