Lossing 90% of rank

I lose 90% of my rank, I just lose a match with mvp yo wtf… Is that normal? This game is trash

If you play bad in 1 or 2 games and then lose, you ranked gets fkeddd

You can be MvP and get smooth operator and still lose a bunch of percentage.

Diamond 3 and higher, I somehow always lose over 10 percent per loss. No matter how well I’ve played.

By the way, there is a ranking discussion thread on going. You could post in that thread.

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If you think the game is so bad then why play it and come on the official forums to complain about it? Simple solution don’t play it anymore if it’s so ‘trash’.

No excuses for this game bs cut it out

Been working to level up for months now keep getting booted for god knows why and my 91% now at 50% that is pureee trash

It happens to all of us, it doesn’t happen for no reason. I was stuck on Onyx 3 for 3 days in KOTH won loads of matches in a row and lost one and go down a few % instead of calling the game crap I knuckled down and made sure we didn’t lose again, and now I’m diamond 2 almost diamond 3 :man_shrugging:

That’s really a poor response. He may have worded it poorly and I might not even agree with his complaint, but if someone likes a game it’s healthy for them to complain about the aspects they feel are failing them. We’ve seen a lot of things improve in this game because the fans spoke up.

There’s been many of times where I believe the game has been bad and it’s disappointed me, but I don’t come into the forums to complain about it, I either stopped playing for a while or just put up with it, instead of coming onto forums and moaning.

A good way to see improvement is providing constructive criticism to help the developers make these improvements. They aren’t going to listen it you call their game trash are they?

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Like I said, I don’t think he went about it in the right way but making a complaint/criticism is far better than just giving up, IMO.

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Same problem. KOTH, I’ve been in onyx 3 for 1 week a 99.3 %. I lose one match, the percentage fall.

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