Losing weapon camos from past operations

When I was waiting in a lobby to play horde frenzy, I realized I hadn’t seen anyone use the Niles Samson skin released in operation 2. Maybe operation 3, not sure. I stopped playing this game around a year ago, so I don’t know which operation it was in.

Anyway, I noticed that skin is gone from my inventory completely. I’m almost positive that I had that skin for at least 1 weapon in the game, and there’s nothing. It’s not on any of my weapons. There’s another camo that “used” to be in the game that’s red, has animated clouds and green lightning zapping through it. I forgot the name of it, but same goes for this camo. I can’t check my inventory using my PC as you could with Gears 4 to try an see if I could check older operation skins.

I remember there being cases of people’s inventory being completely reset, and to get them restored you needed to make a ticket or make a post on the forums as it was a very rare bug. Could this possibly be an off-spring of that?

Probably but I don’t remember a cloud skin from this game. Probably in the store and I just shrugged it off but you should probably drop a ticket

I found the one camo, It’s called Arid Gale. I have it only on my Boomshot / Torque Bow, but still no sign of the Niles Samson skin. I haven’t seen anyone use the skin at all after operation 2.

It was an OP 3 skin . I haven’t seen anyone with it either and tbh it was locked behind a bunch of modes so I guess people didn’t find it worth it

I still have my Niles lancer and gnasher.

I still have a couple Niles weapons but a lot of it was locked behind completing like an entire mode’s tour so I couldn’t be bothered.

I earned all the Niles skins of Op 3. Was looking forward to earning all the Niles skins I could, then eventually completing the set when they put the lancer and gnasher back in the store. Now that earning skins as rewards has been scrapped, I feel like they’ll just release the entire set in the store for 6800 coins or whatever. Now I probably won’t be completing it anymore.

I completed the tour that had Team Rock skin as their General ranking. I’m pretty sure that’s the same operation that had the Niles skins in it, right?

Team Rock was Op 1. Part of the Niles set was in the Store in Op 2, the rest appeared in the Tour in Op 3 for various medal groups.

Ah, maybe I didn’t get it then, I must’ve stopped playing in Operation 2 then. I swear I had one of the camos, though. As I was looking at it and told myself “Who would ever use that?”.