Losing Ranked XP for winning games

I am winning games and becoming MVP or best of my team and still losing XP.Playing solo. Anyone else has this occurring? I thought the ranking system was “fixed”?

yep same here. still getting the match where all of a sudden i lose obscene amounts of xp. just lost 620 awhile ago in one match of TDM, round 1 played bad and lost 60, played much better round 2 and 3 and my team ended up winning both and the match. finished 2nd on my team. the rounds where i played a lot better and we won i lost the most points. like 300 and some one round and 200 and some the other round

my buddy lost 700 and some his first match. in the same match i referenced above he lost 900 and some.

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yeah man. you do well to get incentives, not for negative consequences