Losing rank when playing 4v5, 3v5

When someone quits or is dropped from a match for being AFK, everyone on that team is also penalized. I keep losing rank % at about 6-7% when we are 4v5, 3v5. This should not be the case because a 4v5 is almost impossible to win. Before the update, the rank was not affected. You could also quit the game once you had the option to “Quit to main menu” but now if i lose a 4v5 match or quit after i have to option to quit to main menu, my rank drops.

TC can’t be using the excuse that “the ranking system is working as intended” for this.

For a lot of us the objective of playing ranked matches is to rank up and have fun while at it but TC destroys all the fun with the BS ranking system.


The rank % is so screwed up… We went 10 for 10 last night (group of 5 of us) and one of the games like the 8th one… I went from 64% to 66%… On a win… With MVP… With a 20 and 5… That make zero sense…

Being in a 5-man you would have to get MVP and Smooth Operator while beating a higher rated team to gain anything consistently.

I remeber when I would win match after match with my 5-man and if at the end of the night I went up 1-2% - that would be an achievement …

The system is messed up anyway …

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You have to win a match that the game predicted you’d lose to see a big difference if you beat a team it predicted you’d win anyway you won’t get that big of a change and you have to crush them like a 2-0in koth

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You gain decreasingly less for wins the more people you have in a group, so a stacked team of 5 gains the least compared to 5 solo players on a team.